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Linvris Crest


The Linvris was a group of nine Goa'uld who opposed the System Lords. They never gained much power and were killed by inventions left behind by Ma'chello, a man who had been placed on top of the System Lords' most wanted list because he had become a major threat because of his anti-Goa'uld inventions. (3.04 "Legacy")

Stargate References

SG-1 visited the planet PY3-948 and discovered the remains of nine Goa'uld human hosts in a chamber marked with the symbol of the Linvris. As soon as the team realized that there were dead bodies in the chamber, they donned their hazmat suits to do a preliminary investigation. Daniel discovered a Goa'uld tablet that he thought would give important information as to the group's battle plans, but when he used the page turning device on it, the tablet didn't advance. As it turned out, the page turning device was a fake that held a type of Goa'uld-killing organism programmed by Ma'chello, a man who had been on the System Lords' most wanted list for quite some time because of his anti-Goa'uld inventions. The page turning device held ten of these engineered organisms, and since there were only nine members of the Linvris, one organism remained until Daniel released it.

A medical containment unit went back to the planet and retrieved the corpses so that Dr. Fraiser could perform autopsies. She discovered that the symbiotes died first, released a protein marker into the hosts' bloodstream, and were then absorbed by the humans' bodies. Since the chamber's lock was disabled, the nine humans couldn't get out and starved to death, but it seemed apparent that the humans were supposed to be spared by the organisms.

The organism was programmed to look for the protein marker left behind by a dead symbiote, but because Daniel never had a symbiote die within him, the organism stayed inside his body and caused him to take on the symptoms of schizophrenia. His condition was so severe that he was committed to a padded room and heavily medicated. When SG-1 came for a visit, however, the organism left Daniel and entered Teal'c, making him severely ill as the symbiote that he carried in his pouch began to die.

Once it was determined that the organism was looking for the protein marker, Major Carter formulated a cure from her own blood that had this marker from her brief time as the host to the Tok'ra Jolinar that died within her.

Ma'chello left a recording in these organisms that announced to the host that the "vile Goa'uld" was destroyed. After this incident, it appears that no more Linvris groups were formed.



Bodies of the Linvris hosts
Bodies of the Linvris hosts
Linvris' Goa'uld tablet
Daniel hallucinates Linvris corpse
Organism transfers to Teal'c
Organisms like these killed the Linvris

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