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Dr. Kieran


Dr. Kieran was one of the foremost experts in the development of the naquadria bomb in the nation of Kelowna on the planet Langara, Jonas Quinn's home world. After working with the radioactive substance for several years, he started to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. He was stockpiling naquadria to support a "resistance" to overthrow the current government so that no war would happen among the planet's three nations, but the stockpile was the only thing found in the warehouse he had mentioned existed—the resistance headquarters was all an hallucination. Even though Jonas knew that the members of the resistance were all in his mentor's mind, Jonas assured Dr. Kieran that he had saved his world before he was sent to a facility on Earth for treatment. We have not heard more about him since that time. (6.07 "Shadow Play")


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