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Young Keenin
Keenin in Daniel's body


Keenin was the young son of Officer Pharrin of the cryosleep ship Stromos which crashed in the episode, 7.06 "Lifeboat".

Character Biography

Keenin was the son of Officer Pharrin of the spaceship Stromos, heading from the doomed planet Talthus to their new homeworld of Ardena. Keenin was a young boy, appearing to be between the ages of five and seven years old. All of his life, he lived under the specter of his world’s impending destruction.

A dark star orbiting the Talthus sun would draw too close to the star. The resulting solar flares would engulf Talthus, destroying the planet. Keenin’s father was an officer aboard one of the ships evacuating citizens from the planet. Because of this position, Pharrin was allowed to take one member of his family. Keenin’s mother insisted the boy be chosen. Keenin did not want to leave his mother and his home. He wanted to stay on Talthus. His mother took her chance with the lottery system for the general populace, but she was not chosen for a spot on the ships.

The ships were not capable of faster-than-light travel, so the People of Talthus developed a cryogenic sleep process where their bodies were placed in a sleep state, while their consciousness was stored in a separate memory system to prevent brain damage. Pharrin described the procedure to a nervous young Keenin as going to sleep. Pharrin promised when Keenin woke up hundreds of years after the destruction of Talthus, he would be right there with his son, and they would be already be in orbit around their new homeworld, Ardena.

En route to Ardena, the Stromos crashed on P2A-347. Power began failing for several of the chamber compartments. Keenin and several other passengers fell victim to this power loss. Pharrin, desperate to save these last survivors of Talthus, attacked SG-1 when they came to investigate the crash. He was able to download twelve souls into the mind of Daniel Jackson before hiding. One of those souls in Daniel’s mind was Keenin.

Each consciousness emerged separately and at different times in Daniel Jackson’s body. When Keenin emerged, he found himself in a black room with a woman (Dr. Janet Fraiser) and two strong men (medical orderlies). He was confused that his father was not there as promised, and scared of the orderlies. He explained what he remembered happening to Dr. Fraiser, eventually breaking down at remembering the loss of his mother and his home. Janet comforted the boy until another personality, the Sovereign Martice, emerged.

The next time Keenin emerged, he faced his father, Pharrin, who was also hosting other souls within his own mind. Holding back sobs, Pharrin explained that Keenin would have to sacrifice himself, but promised the two would be together and the people of Talthus would remember them both. Keenin repeated the hopeful promise that at least he would be together with his father before giving his blessing for the procedure.

Daniel Jackson was returned to the Stromos and Keenin and the other souls were extracted from Daniel’s mind. As far as Dr. Fraiser could determine, Keenin and the others were successfully incorporated into Pharrin’s mind, where it was hoped the other survivors would be able to assist them once they were awakened from the cryogenic sleep.


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