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Kalan of Orban


Kalan is a native of Orban, home of a technologically advanced civilization which descended from pre-Columbian South America. (3.05 "Learning Curve")

Character Biography

Kalan acted as his people's ambassador when the SGC and the Orbanians agreed to a cultural exchange. The Orbanians taught Carter how to build a naquadah reactor while Daniel conducted an archaeological study to discover the Orbanians' ancestry and Teal'c provided information about the Goa'uld. Kalan was well-spoken and represented his people very well.

His son, Tomin, was one of the specially-selected children to carry the nanites which permitted their civilization to pass on their knowledge from one to many. It was through Tomin that the SGC learned of the role of the children apprentices called Urrones, and of their fate after the nanites were removed and distributed to the other Orbanians at their twelfth birthdays in a ceremony called the Averium. Daniel and Teal'c were horrified at Tomin's emptiness after he had been such an active and pleasant student. Because he had the nanites since infancy, Tomin's brain didn't develop the neuro pathways like normal and once the nanites were removed, he reverted to a near-infancy state.

Daniel and Teal'c were extremely upset and Kalan attempted to explain that Tomin, and other children like him, were highly honored in his culture and were well taken care of after their Averiums. He also explained that if Merrin, the child who was teaching Carter about the naquadah reactor, did not go through her Averium, the civilization would have to wait another twelve years for another Urrone to pass on the knowledge. They needed their knowledge if they were hoping for any chance of overcoming the Goa'uld.

Eventually, Merrin decided to go through with her Averium just as planned, but she carried with her the knowledge of how to play and have fun after Jack showed her. Merrin's nanites passed this knowledge to all those who received them and they, in turn, taught the Urrone children. Kalan proudly presented this legacy to SG-1 by giving them a drawing he had made for them (a stick figure very much like one that Carter drew for Merrin to show her how to draw), and showing them that Tomin, Merrin, and the other former Urrone children were learning without the nanites and would, perhaps, develop vital lives once more.


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