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Jericho Beach location


Jericho Beach Park, like Queen Elizabeth park, is run by the Vancouver Park Board. It has a storied history, having been a native village, a logging camp, a golf course, and a seaplane base before being turned into a park. The beach has wooded picnic areas is popular for both swimming and sailing.

The beach represented the watery entrance to Nem's underwater home on the planet Oannes in 1.13 "Fire And Water".


Jericho Beach Park is located along NW Marine Dr on the north side of the peninsula to the west of Vancouver. It's name is a contraction of "Jerry's Cove," which it was once called. While the beach in 1.13 "Fire and Water" looks very isolated, in reality Jericho Beach is surrounded by civilization, from the busy waterway of Burrard Inlet, full of cargo ships, to the view of the mountains across the water and the skyline of Vancouver to the east.

The beach doesn't appear in the episode until later, when Carter breaks through Nem's conditioning and recalls how Nem disabled SG-1 and captured Daniel. The scenes of SG-1 walking across the beach were obviously composited with a matte painting to replace the real-life background with one far more alien, the signs of Vancouver removed and the planet and moons in the sky and the small volcanoes added. The close-up scenes were shot in such a way that only the sky or the water is visible, not the horizon.

The beach is subject to strong winds, making it popular for windsurfing and other sailing activities. Michael Shanks has said that he and Lexa Doig married on Jericho Beach. We hope the winds were not as high that day as they were the day the photos below were taken.


Jericho Beach as Oannes
SG-1 and Nem on beach
Close-up on beach

Photos, April 2009 — click to enlarge

Jericho Beach view of Vancouver
Looking westward
Across Burrard Inlet


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