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Jackie was a member of George Washington High School's Class of 1987 in Auburn, Kansas. She was happy to see Cameron Mitchell at the twentieth high school reunion, but didn't recognize Vala. Vala explained she didn't go to school and told Jackie how she had been sold as a domestic servant to a weapons smuggler named Firenze before she killed him. Jackie was very alarmed by Vala's assertions, and spread the word to her various classmates, pointing Vala out to them as she passed by.

Jackie, along with all of the other attendees of the reunion dance, witnessed a lot of strange sights they could not comprehend when Odai Ventrell took everyone hostage, including holograms, ring technology, and alien weaponry. Though Jackie was convinced it was because there was something "wrong with that woman" [i.e., Vala]. Later, all the attendees were all forced to sign non-disclosure agreements without even knowing what they really saw.


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