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Goa'uld Hathor

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Athyr, Athor, Aphrodite (Greece), Venus (Rome), Stargae (Syria), Ashtoreth (culture), Astarte (culture), Ishtar (Babylon). Hathor means house of Horus

Presides Over

Beauty, sensuality, fertility, music, inebriety (sex, drugs and rock n roll); also patroness of lovers, singers, dancers, artists.

Personal Symbols

Cow wearing a long pendant collar and the Menait (a symbol of joy and pleasure) on her back; woman with a headdress of horns with the solar disk between them; woman with the head of a cow; cow walking away from a funeral mountain.

Earth Mythological References

One of the oldest known goddesses in Egypt, Hathor symbolized the great mother goddess, creating and nourishing all life. Horus (Heru-ur) was said to be both her husband and son, and Hathor herself was considered both daughter and wife to Ra. The festival of the new year was celebrated as Hathor’s birthday and typically degenerated into a drunken orgy. She was one of the most popular Egyptian goddesses with many temples built in her honor.

DERIVATIVE/ASSOCIATED/EXTRACULTURAL IDENTITY: Sekhmet, the vengeful aspect of the sun, symbolized by a lioness-headed goddess. Ra sent Sekhmet to destroy humanity when they ceased to worship him; however, he changed his mind after Sekhmet slaughtered thousands in his name. Drunk with violence, she refused to obey his command to cease the killing. He tricked her into intoxicating herself by drinking red-dyed beer and subdued her, thus stopping the carnage.

Stargate References

Hathor was entombed by Ra in a sarcophagus buried in a Mayan temple in what is now known as Mexico. Archaeologists unearthed the sarcophagus millennia later and were flabbergasted that it bore Egyptian hieroglyphs, citing Daniel Jackson’s outlandish theories and his expertise on ancient Egypt. As the archaeologists continued to postulate, they inadvertently opened the sarcophagus, awakening Hathor, who then murdered them and escaped her tomb unseen. Drawn to the Chappa’ai now located in Cheyenne Mountain, Hathor was taken into custody and initially regarded as a kook. Her familiarity with the Stargate, however, quickly changed their minds. When she learned Ra was dead, she launched an attempt to conquer Earth by subjugating the males at the SGC, including General Hammond and Colonel Jack O’Neill with a potent hormonally-based mind-control chemical. Under her influence, Daniel was used to spawn Goa’uld larvae to be used to create an army of Jaffa. This attempt to gain a power base on Earth was thwarted by Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Janet Frasier, Teal’c (who, as a Jaffa, was immune) and a handful of capable female airmen and marines, however, Hathor managed to escape through the Stargate. (1.14 Hathor)

Nearly two years later, O'Neill, Carter and Daniel wake up isolated from each other and are each told by their hosts they’ve been in cryogenic suspension for 80 years there at the SGC and all their teammates are dead. Their hosts attempt to glean information about Earth’s allies and enemies by accessing their memories through a memory device. O’Neill suspects something is hinky and feigning unconsciousness, he soon overhears their hosts speaking in Goa’uld. Alone with one technician, he escapes and locates his teammates and along the way, discovers this is not the SGC but a replica. Finding the gate room, they are confronted by Hathor and her Jaffa. Hathor had escaped from Earth, built up her Jaffa army and this new base where she subsequently captured the members of SG-1 off-world. Her planned failed and she decided to implant one of them with a Goa’uld. O’Neill was chosen to be Hathor’s new Pharaoh. (2.22 Out of Mind)

Placed in the cryogenic chamber, O’Neill was implanted with Hathor's Goa’uld symbiote and Carter and Daniel were carted away. However, the female Goa'uld working with Trofsky (Raully) turned out to be a Tok’ra operative and stepped in to save O’Neill by hurriedly placing him again in cryogenic suspension, telling him it will prevent the Goa’uld from implanting itself and kill it. Hathor happened upon the scene and attacked Raully for her betrayal. Carter and Daniel in the meantime were rescued by Makepeace and his team. Carter went after O’Neill and found the injured Tok’ra woman, who told her how to free O’Neill from suspension. Hathor attacked Carter, but O’Neill awoke in time, grabbed Hathor, and sent her to her death by dumping her into the cryogenic tank. (3.01 Into the Fire)


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