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Harlan of Altair


Harlan is an artificial lifeform from the planet Altair and was the last of his kind. He created android duplicates of SG-1 when they visited his planet so that he could have company and help in maintaining the underground facility which kept him powered. Harlan was introduced in the episode, 1.19 "Tin Man".

Character Biography

"Comtrya!" was Harlan's cheerful greeting to the members of SG-1. He was so very happy to have company since he had been alone on his planet, Altair, for thousands of years. His people had created an underground facility to save their civilization from the poisonous atmosphere. They learned how to make android copies of their physical forms and duplicate their consciousnesses into them. Harlan called them "synthetic".

The SG-1 duplicates thought that they were the "real" SG-1 and they were angry at Harlan for attacking them. They left Altair and soon found that they were not human, but machines, and that they would cease to function if they didn't get back to the planet and recharge their power supplies.

Harlan needed them to help him maintain the facility. He was very cheerful for a being who had been alone for so long (11,000 years). His drive for self-preservation was remarkable, considering that many of his fellow Altairans chose to die by going through the Stargate or to the surface of the planet.

Finally, the synthetic SG-1 discovered that Harlan had not transferred their consciousnesses, but copied them. They were a type of clone of the human SG-1 members. Each member took the news differently, but they decided to stay with Harlan because they had no other choice (other than death and that seemed not to be an option). (1.19 "Tin Man")

SG-1 left their android duplicates with Harlan and instructions to bury the Stargate. They didn't. Instead, the Carter android created a portable power source that allowed them to spend 48 hours away from the underground facility. With these new power packs, they started going through the Stargate on "missions".

Harlan contacted the SGC and asked for SG-1's help in rescuing the androids after they failed to return after their usual 24 hours. They had been captured on the planet Juna which had been taken by Cronus. The Daniel android was executed first and then the remaining androids each died trying to help SG-1, sans Daniel who was on another mission, free the people from Cronus' harsh rule. Harlan most likely returned to Altair alone, since it was never stated that he repaired the SG-1 androids. (4.21 "Double Jeopardy")

No further information has been made available on Harlan or Altair since that time.


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