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Halstrom was one of the villagers of Ver Isca. Celebrating something one time, he began to flirt with the barmaid, Denya (9.19 "Crusade"). Afterwards, he was accosted by the Administrator of Ver Isca, Seevis. Roughed up by Seevis and his minions and threatened with being burned at the Ara, Halstrom paid Seevis for the time and attention given by Denya. Vala witnessed this encounter.

Based upon his obvious fear of Seevis, it is unlikely Halstrom knew of the Administrator's true role as leader of the Resistence. Halstrom was just one of the victims whose monies helped fuel the heretical movement. It is unknown if Halstrom was one of those conscripted by the Ori to invade the Milky Way Galaxy.


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