Goa'uld Reconnaissance Drone

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Goa'uld Reconnaissance Drone


SG-13 encountered the first drone seen by SGC personnel on P3X-666. Teal'c believed that the Goa'uld actually copied the SGC's use of MALPs with the creation of this drone, but this particular type of drone was only seen being used by Anubis.

Stargate References

The drone was capable of flight and had a defense shield, as well as defense energy weapons. SG-13 encountered one on P3X-666 while studying the Ancient ruins there. Even though the team severely damaged the drone, Maj. Samantha Carter was able to link to its computer systems to determine its origin. Dr. Daniel Jackson translated the Goa'uld information brought forth and discovered that the drone had sent a subspace message about SG-13's presence on the planet. Not long after this discovery, SG-13 was ambushed on the planet by Anubis's Jaffa, and SG-1, SG-3, SG-5, SG-7, SG-13, and Dr. Janet Fraiser joined in a ground battle to secure the Stargate so that a wounded member of SG-13, Senior Airman Simon Wells, could be removed safely. It was on this rescue mission that Dr. Fraiser was killed by an errant staff blast. (7.17 "Heroes Part 1", 7.17 "Heroes Part 2")

The second mention of an encounter with one of these drones was when SG-2 and SG-3 discovered that there might be an Ancient Repository of Knowledge in the ruins on P3X-439. Knowing that the planet would soon be overrun by Jaffa, SG-1, SG-3, and SG-5 returned to the planet to access the Repository as quickly as possible, hoping that they could remove it and access its information for a possible lead to the location of the Lost City of the Ancients. Unfortunately, Anubis attacked the planet before they could determine how to remove the device, so Col. Jack O'Neill took the download and then used C-4 to destroy the device. Anubis himself arrived that night and executed his Jaffa for failing to get to the Repository before it was destroyed. Later, O'Neill led the team to the Antarctic Outpost that had powerful weapons that destroyed Anubis's massive fleet both in the skies over Antarctica and in Earth's orbit.(7.21 "Lost City Part 1", 7.22 "Lost City Part 2")



Probe attacking SG-13 on P3X-666
SG-13 under fire at the ruins on P3X-666
SG-13 fire upon probe on P3X-666
Carter and Daniel study the data from the drone encountered on P3X-666
P3X-439 is attacked after a drone detected SG teams' presence
O'Neill takes download from Repository on P3X-439

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