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Goa'uld Still Active At The Beginning Of This Timeframe

  • Apophis - Found to still be alive when he attacked Chulak in search of the Harsesis.
  • Cronus - One of the more powerful System Lords.
  • Heru'ur - Lost several motherships in his attempt to kill Klorel, son of his enemy, Apophis.
  • Klorel - The last time he was encounted, he was left without a host on a Goa'uld-controlled planet.
  • Nirrti - Under arrest with Cronus for daring to attempt assassination.
  • Yu Huang Shang Ti - One of the more powerful System Lords.
  • Zipacna - Was in league with Klorel.

Seasons Four and Five

When Teal'c is contacted by a priestess of Chulak named Shaun'auc, he was, at first, quite pleased to see his old love once more (4.04 "Crossroads"). But, she came to convince him that she had been able to turn her symbiote against his genetic tendencies of evil-doing and she wanted to gain access to the Tok'ra to add her symbiote to their dwindling numbers. The Goa'uld symbiote deceived her and once he was given a host, he killed her. The name of the host given to him by the Tok'ra was Hebron of Parabal. The name of the Goa'uld was Tanith:

Teal'c was not allowed to exact revenge for the death of Shaun'auc. The Tok'ra said that they would allow Tanith to live as long as he was useful and then they would destroy him.

Through Tanith, the Tok'ra were able to learn that Apophis and Heru'ur were considering an alliance to defeat the rest of the System Lords. At this point, Apophis and Heru'ur were said to have the largest of the Goa'uld armies. They were going to meet on neutral ground in the Tobin System. The Tobin Civilization originated from Earth thousands of years ago and had been extinct for centuries, but one of their legacies was a large mine field in space. The Tok'ra enlisted the help of Daniel Jackson to decipher the Tobin's Phoenician writings found in a manual for the mines, and with that knowledge they would set off one of the mines to make Apophis think that Heru'ur was attacking him. With this strategy, the Tok'ra believed that the power would become more evenly balanced among the remaining System Lords, rather than giving power to one Goa'uld. The plan backfired when Apophis escaped after Heru'ur was killed, and Apophis was able to absorb Heru'ur's remaining forces into his own (4.13 "Serpent's Venom").

While Jack, Daniel, and Carter were with Jacob Carter/Selmak in the Tobin System trying to reprogram the mine, Teal'c had gone to Chulak to gather more Rebel Jaffa. He was betrayed and taken into custody by a Goa'uld under Heru'ur's service, Terok:

Terok attempted to "save" Teal'c's soul by torturing him and getting him to admit that the Goa'uld are gods. Teal'c did not waiver and it was because of his strength that he was able to convince the Jaffa Rak'nor who had betrayed him on Chulak to realize that what he fought for was for the freedom of all Jaffa. Rak'nor helped Teal'c escape before Terok was able to hand Teal'c over to Apophis. He overtook Terok and sent him in Teal'c's stead. Most probably, Terok is dead.

Two more Goa'uld who took identities from Egyptian mythology were introduced in the episode, 4.14 "The Curse": Osiris and Isis. Osiris was the brother of Seth and Isis was Osiris' queen. They were discovered in canoptic jars, having been banished there by the other Goa'uld, in a shipment of Egyptian artifacts which had been sunken off of the coast of New Jersey, USA, but recently retrieved. During the study of these artifacts, the Osiris symbiote was released from his jar by Dr. Sarah Gardner and he took her as his new host. Dr. Gardner was a former lover and associate of Daniel Jackson's. It was discovered that the Isis symbiote died when the seal on her jar was broken in the shipwreck, but this information was not available to Osiris. Osiris killed Dr. Jordan, the lead archaeologist studying the artifacts, the curator of the artifacts, and the lab technician responsible for dating the artifacts, in the attempt to hide his tracks, but Daniel was close behind in identifying who was taken as his host. Before Daniel could do anything to prevent it, Osiris was able to take his hidden spaceship off of Earth, promising to make the rivers "run red with blood":

SG-1's android counterparts created in the First Season episode, 1.19 "Tin Man", were going out on missions. As it turned out, they arrived on a planet named Juna which had been previously visited by SG-1. SG-1 had helped the people overthrow Heru'ur's Jaffa after Heru'ur was killed. They reassured them that there would be no more invasions if they buried their stargate, but Cronus invaded with his ships and evidently unburied the stargate. The androids of Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c were captured by Cronus, but Jack's android was able to evade capture. Daniel's android was the first to be destroyed, his execution witnessed by his teammates, Cronus, and a group of Juna's warriors. When Cronus saw that Daniel's android was a machine, he had the Carter and Teal'c androids taken to one of his scientists, Ja'din, for study. Ja'din was a Goa'uld in Cronus' service and she served not only as a scientist, but also as an interrogator:

The Carter android was able to trick Ja'din into activating the self-destruct mechanism on the remains of the Daniel android and with the resulting explosion, Ja'din was killed and the Carter android was able to escape. With the help of one of the local men, Jack's android was able to convince SG-1 to come and help the people free themselves once more. In the process, the remaining three androids were destroyed, but not before Teal'c's android was able to kill Cronus as revenge for Cronus' killing Teal'c's father (4.21 "Double Jeopardy").

The Tok'ra once again called the Tau'ri for help. They heard that SG-1 had captured Cronus' mothership on Juna and they wanted it to help them move their base, including a stargate. While the move was happening, Tanith escaped and was able to summon Apophis. This opportunity was too good to pass up, so the Tok'ra decided that they'd explode the sun to take out Apophis' fleet. The Tok'ra were successful at evacuating the base, but Tanith escaped. Jacob Carter/Selmak, with the help of Major Carter, sent the stargate out to destroy the sun using a wormhole established to the gravitational pull of a black hole. Apophis' fleet was destroyed, but he was able to escape the nova, as were SG-1. They were thrown four million lightyears from their home galaxy, where they were met by a ship of Replicators which invaded Apophis' and SG-1's vessels. Apophis' ship was destroyed, but he was able to get onboard SG-1's. The Replicators were able to send the ship back to Apophis' base and Apophis was destroyed when the ship crashed on the planet. SG-1 and Jacob escaped in one of the cargo ships (4.22 "Exodus Part 1" and 5.01 "Enemies Part 2"). This time, SG-1 was 99% sure that Apophis was indeed really dead (5.02 "Threshold").

Nirrti returned to the picture when it was discovered that Cassandra, the lone survivor of Hanka who was now the adoptive daughter of Dr. Janet Fraiser, was going through some genetic changes once she reached her 16th birthday. SG-1 tracked Nirrti down to make her correct the genetic manipulation, but in return for saving Cassandra's life, Nirrti was released (5.06 "Rite Of Passage").

A new Goa'uld was introduced in the episode, 5.08 "The Tomb": Marduk. He had been entombed in a sarcaphagus in a ziggurat discovered by a Russian team. The Russians asked SG-1's help because their team had not reported back and no one could get inside of the ziggurat. Daniel was able to decipher the code to get inside and it was soon discovered that the Goa'uld symbiote was on the loose, taking whatever kind of host it could, including the creature buried with him in the sarcophagus meant to eat him alive and he would always remain alive with the healing capability of the sarcophagus. The original Russian team had let out the creature, with the symbiote inside of it, when they opened the sarcophagus. The symbiote took one of the Russian team members, Major Vallarin, as its new host:

Marduk was killed when SG-1 destroyed the ziggarut with all of their C-4 right after they left the ziggarut through transporter rings that Daniel discovered there.

Tanith returned to plague the team once more in the episode, 5.09 "Between Two Fires". He had aligned himself with a new System Lord, but he didn't reveal who that System Lord was. He attempted to gain new weapons from the Tollan and in the process, he destroyed them.

It was discovered that the Russians had retrieved a Jaffa with a very mature symbiote which was in need of a host on their second mission through their stargate. This symbiote was bought by a billionaire named Adrian Conrad, who was dying of a rare condition which affects the immune system and makes the body vulnerable. He was hoping to find a way to implant himself with the symbiote, allow it to cure him, and then remove it. That didn't work and the Goa'uld took him over. We never learn the name of the Goa'uld (5.11 "Desperate Measures"):

This Goa'uld was captured by Colonel Frank Simmons of the NID. Simmons kept him in a safehouse in South Dakota, putting the Goa'uld in a heavily guarded cage. Theirs was a relationship based on who could outsmart whom and what promises could be uttered and then broken. The Goa'uld was helpful, however, by providing the information necessary to successfully retrieve Teal'c out of the stargate buffer when the wormhole prematurely disengaged after Teal'c killed Tanith in a ship which crashed into the stargate in the episode, 5.14 "48 Hours".

The next encounter with the Goa'uld revealed the power structure of the System Lords. After Apophis and Cronus were destroyed, there was a great deal of in-fighting among the remaining System Lords for their domains. When they realized that they were destroying themselves, they called a truce and decided to meet in a neutral setting to hold a summit to define a new order. The summit was attended by the seven most powerful System Lords. One of the System Lords was unnamed and another was Lord Yu. The other five System Lords were:

They discussed many issues, but one of the hottest topics of discussion was an unnamed adversary who was attacking them without revealing his identity. It wasn't until later that they discovered that Osiris was in league with this very ancient and thought to be dead Goa'uld: Anubis. Anubis was banished by the System Lords over a thousand years ago, and according to Osiris, the only System Lord remaining from that time was Yu. Anubis sent Osiris to the summit to request that he be voted back into the fold. In exchange, he promised to rid them of the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri. While the summit was taking place, Anubis had already sent Zipacna to destroy the Tok'ra base on Ravanna. That attack nearly wiped out the Tok'ra. Osiris said that before Anubis took his position with the System Lords, he would take care of the Tau'ri as well. All the System Lords at the summit, except for Yu, voted Anubis back in (5.15 "Summit Part 1" and 5.16 "Last Stand Part 2").

Anubis' method of getting rid of the Tau'ri and keeping the Asgard from intervening on their behalf was to attack the planet with an asteroid. This appeared to be a "natural" catastrophe, something the Asgard could do nothing about, according to the Protected Planets Treaty. SG-1 discovered that the asteroid contained naquadah after the Asgard said that they would not help, and by that time, they had to act on their own. They were able to send the asteroid through a hyperspace window through the Earth and ended up on the other side (5.17 "Failsafe").

A new Goa'uld was introduced in the episode, 5.18 "The Warrior". He disguised himself as a Rebel Jaffa named Kytano and acted as a charismatic leader under whom the Rebel Jaffa could organize. System Lord Yu revealed the imposter's identity to Teal'c and Teal'c challenged Kytano for his position of leadership. Kytano revealed his true identity as being the Goa'uld Imhotep. Teal'c killed him in the challenge.

Another minor Goa'uld was introduced in the episode, 5.20 "The Sentinel". We never see his face, but his name is given as Svarog. He was attempting to conquer the planet named Latona, but eventually, the planet's defense system kicked in and all the aggressors vanished, presumably killed.

In the episode, 5.21 "Meridian", we learn that the Goa'uld Thanos (his name was revealed in the Season Seven episode, 7.14 "Fallout") experimented with a very powerful mineral called naquadria on the planet Kelowna 10,000 years ago. Evidence indicated that he nearly blew the planet to bits with his research. The Kelownans discovered their stargate and this research about 15 years prior to when SG-1 made contact with them. The Kelownans were attempting to create a bomb in preparation of a world war. During one of the experiments with the extremely dangerous and radiactive power core, an accident occurred while Daniel was touring the facility with the government's ethical advisor, Jonas Quinn. In order to prevent the entire planet from being destroyed from the impending blast, Daniel exposed himself to the radiactive core and dismantled it before it went critical. Daniel's body died from the radiation poisoning, but he escaped permanent death by becoming an Ascended Being with the help of Oma Desala.

Finally, at the close of Season Five, the Goa'uld Anubis is revealed in the episode, 5.22 "Revelations":

Osiris and Anubis captured Thor of the Asgard and probed his mind for every bit of Asgard knowledge they could. This probing left Thor in a coma, but the three remaining members of SG-1 were able to save him.

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