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Ginn of the Lucian Alliance


Ginn was one of the members of the Lucian Alliance who boarded the Ancient ship Destiny with Commander Kiva's group. She played a pivotal role in the surrender of the Alliance to Earth's crew who had already boarded the ship. Ginn was murdered by one of her clansman when he discovered that she had betrayed the Alliance and provided Homeworld Command intelligence on a planned Lucian attack on Earth. (SGU 2.01 "Intervention", 2.08 "Malice")

Character Biography

The Lucian Alliance had its beginnings about twelve or thirteen years ago (relative to ca. 2010) and was made up of mercenaries and warlords who took their territories by force. They especially came to power in the Milky Way after the defeat of the Goa'uld System Lords (around the time of SG-1's eighth year of operation). Ginn's home planet was taken over when the Alliance burned their farms so that they had nothing to eat but the food they were supplied. Ruling by force and intimidation, the Lucians dictated what was to be taught in the schools. Young men and women such as Ginn were given training in weapons and fighting. Two years prior to the Commander Kiva's group's invasion of the Destiny, Ginn was taken by a gang at gunpoint and told if she didn't join the Alliance Guard, her family was going be murdered. (SGU 2.02 "Aftermath")

Ever since she was a child, Ginn had been interested in mathematics. She loved the pure science of numbers, feeling that they didn't lie. Inside Commander Kiva's organization, her mathematical talents were put to use in the study of Ancient technology. Kiva's group was dedicated to the unlocking of the ninth chevron of the Stargate, placing their hope in the legends that said that therein awaited great understanding that could make one as powerful as gods like the Ascended Ancients. With this knowledge, one could possibly control time and space. (SGU 2.02 "Aftermath", 2.06 "Trial and Error")

When Col. David Telford of Stargate Command infiltrated Kiva's group, he was discovered and brainwashed to betray his own people by providing every piece of intelligence on the secret Icarus Project, Stargate Command's program to unlock the ninth chevron. Kiva's group was most likely behind the attack on Icarus Base that forced the personnel to evacuate through the Stargate to the nine-chevron address that was found in the Ancient Database (in Atlantis), but Kiva and over 100 members of her group were not present when the entire Alliance fleet was destroyed when the Icarus planet exploded. Through Telford, the Alliance learned of the Icarus Project's success in unlocking the ninth chevron and that its destination was the Destiny. They also learned that the Icarus crew was stranded billions of lightyears away because they didn't have enough power to dial Earth. (SGU 1.01 "Air Part 1", 1.18 "Subversion")

Ginn was given access to Homeworld Command's research into how to divert power to the Stargate from a star while Destiny was recharging its power reserves. She studied Eli Wallace's work on the problem and began to admire his intelligence, but realized that he tended to lose sight of the context. She was on her way to correcting the formula to include the dependency of gravitational time dilation on the size of the star when Kiva's group had to abandon their base through the Stargate because their planet was under attack by Homeworld Command after they discovered and removed Telford's brainwashing. Like Icarus before it, Kiva's planet exploded due to the instability of the naquadria core. (SGU 1.06 "Earth", 2.06 "Trial and Error")

As many people evacuated as possible from Kiva's base, but over 100 members didn't make it. Kiva managed to take control of the ship, but was killed. As soon as her second-in-command learned of her death, he became so infuriated that he began rounding up all of Col. Young's military contingent to be executed. Another problem he had to deal with was the harmful radiation bursts from a binary pulsar that threatened everyone who was not in a shielded area of the ship. Dannic didn't believe Dr. Nicholas Rush when the scientist threatened to divert power from shields that were protecting the Lucian's position on the ship, but Ginn recognized the truth of the situation. With only a few minutes left before the next wave, Ginn shot Dannic several times in his back and then surrendered on behalf of the remainder of Kiva's group. (SGU 1.19 "Incursion Part 1", 1.20 "Incursion Part 2", 2.01 "Intervention")

Each member of the Alliance was interviewed to determine if they could be successfully integrated into the crew. Ginn was considered a valuable asset, so she was kept aboard the ship while those loyal to Kiva and Dannic were abandoned on an inhabitable world. Only around ten Lucians remained aboard. Ginn, under guard, was given her own private quarters and an assignment to work with Eli Wallace on the power-from-a-star equations. After working with Eli for a few hours, Ginn realized that she was attracted to him and initiated a romantic relationship. (SGU 2.02 "Aftermath", 2.06 "Trial and Error", 2.07 "The Greater Good")

Ginn was also a valuable source of intelligence concerning the Lucians' plan to attack Earth. Her fellow clansman Simeon was also aware of the location of the base and the method of the attack. He was appalled to learn that he was the only Alliance member left aboard the Destiny who was remaining loyal to his people by feeding Homeworld Command disinformation. When he interrupted a conversation between Ginn and Camile Wray in which they were arranging for Ginn to be interviewed by Homeworld Command through the use of the communication stones, he realized that Ginn was about to betray the Alliance. Shortly after Ginn swapped bodies with Dr. Amanda Perry, Simeon murdered his guard and then her. Because of the nature of these communication stone links, Perry also died. Simeon managed to gain access to the ship's armory and escape to a nearby planet, but he was killed by Dr. Nicholas Rush who avenged Perry's death because he loved her. Eli desired to seek revenge for Ginn's death, but Young helped him realize that he didn't have it in him to murder. (SGU 2.04 "Pathogen", 2.07 "The Greater Good", 2.08 "Malice")


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