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Gairwyn of Cimmeria


Gairwyn is a native of Cimmeria, an Asgard protected planet, and was introduced in the episode, 1.10 "Thor's Hammer".

Character Biography

Gairwyn was the "mistress" of her people—she lead them when the able-bodied men of the farmers went to the towns to look for work. She greeted Daniel and Carter at the stargate of her world and explained to them the history of her people who had originated from Earth, which they called Midgard, and had been placed on the planet for safe keeping by Thor. Because Jack and Teal'c had been transported away once Teal'c's larval Goa'uld was detected, Gairwyn thought that Daniel and Carter had tricked them into coming to Cimmeria in order to free them from the Goa'uld symbiotes. The Goa'uld were called Etins on Cimmeria.

Daniel and Carter explained to Gairwyn that Jack and Teal'c were friends and that they needed to free them from "Thor's Hammer". Gairwyn lead them to Kendra, a woman who had been taken as a host to a Goa'uld under the service of Marduk, but had been freed of her Goa'uld by the Hammer. She felt that if anyone could take them to where Jack and Teal'c were, it would be Kendra. Gairwyn spoke highly of Kendra and respected her greatly. After she introduced Daniel and Carter to Kendra, Gairwyn returned to her village. Kendra succeeded in leading Daniel and Carter to the labyrinth in the mountain where Jack and Teal'c were and helped free them. The cost of Teal'c's freedom, however, was the destruction of the Hammer, the only means that the people of Cimmeria had to defend themselves from the Goa'uld. (1.10 "Thor's Hammer")

The destruction of the Hammer proved to be a grave mistake, for when Heru'ur sent Jaffa patrols through the stargate and they returned unharmed, he invaded with his ships. Many people were killed, including Kendra and Gairwyn's husband and his brothers. Kendra had been given a Sagan Institute Box by Daniel and she gave this box to Gairwyn's husband to send to Earth through the stargate in order to get help. Gairwyn had time to bury Kendra, her dearest friend, but her husband and his brothers still lay dead at the stargate when SG-1 answered the call.

SG-1 asked Gairwyn to take them to Kendra, not knowing that Kendra had been killed. She took them to Kendra's grave and it was there that Carter discovered that she was able to use Goa'uld technology. This ability was left to her from her blending with the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar of Malkshur. The Goa'uld have naquadah in their blood and it is through this mineral that Goa'uld technology, such as the hand (ribbon) device and the hand-held healing device, are made operational. Gairwyn gave Carter Kendra's belongings.

Gairwyn took SG-1 to the caves where her people were hiding and gathering their forces. While Jack and Teal'c joined a Cimmerian warrior to determine what they were up against, Gairwyn led Daniel and Carter to a place which she called "The Hall of Thor's Might", a place Daniel believed might have been a store of Asgard weaponry. The pillar that she led them to had a large "button" in its center and when Daniel touched it (something that was forbidden to do), the three of them were transported to a chamber where they were challenged to prove the Cimmerians' readiness to see the Asgard in their true form. The first test was to walk across a narrow passage over an abyss to get to another pillar. Carter was able to make it to the other side, but Gairwyn fell onto the beam when the ground shook. She believed that Thor was angry with her and she started to panic, but Daniel reassured her that she could make it. He walked out onto the beam, even though he said he had a fear of heights, and attempted to help Gairwyn across. Both of them lost their balance and fell into the abyss, but the test had been an illusion of some kind and there was actually no abyss, but regular floor. They activated the device on the pillar and Thor's hologram said that they had passed the first test which was to show true selflessness and bravery. Thor told them that the "willingness to sacrifice oneself to save another is an honorable trait."

The next test the three had to pass was solving the riddle of the runes. Daniel was able to read them and Carter figured out the mathematical significance of them (the riddle was the number represented by pi which is the ratio between the diameter of a circle and its circumference). When they solved this puzzle, Thor showed himself in his true Asgard form. This was the first time that SG-1 had actually met an Asgard, which Carter referred to as a "Roswell grey". After Daniel told Thor the truth about their destruction of the Hammer and Heru'ur's invasion, Thor immediately dispatched his ship to remove the Goa'uld, the Jaffa, and the invading ships (they were not killed, however). Thor sent Daniel and Carter out of the Hall and Gairwyn was transported to the Asgard ship where she met Thor in person. He promised her that he'd leave an Asgard teacher behind on Cimmeria and help the people to rebuild and regain their safety from the Goa'uld. (2.06 "Thor's Chariot")


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