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[[Category:Gods and Goddesses]][[Category:Asgard]]{| align="left"
[[Category:Gods and Goddesses]][[Category:Asgard]]
{| align="left"
|valign="top"|[[Image:freyr.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Freyr of the Asgard]]
|valign="top"|[[Image:freyr.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Freyr of the Asgard]]
|valign="top"|[[Image:freyr-hologram.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Freyr's Hologram on K'Tau]]
|valign="top"|[[Image:freyr-hologram.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Freyr's Hologram on K'Tau]]
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* [[5.05 "Red Sky" Episode Guide|5.05 "Red Sky"]]
* [[5.05 "Red Sky" Episode Guide|5.05 "Red Sky"]]
* [[5.17 "Failsafe" Episode Guide|5.17 "Failsafe"]]
* [[5.22 "Revelations" Episode Guide|5.22 "Revelations"]]
* [[5.22 "Revelations" Episode Guide|5.22 "Revelations"]]

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Freyr of the Asgard
Freyr's Hologram on K'Tau

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Freyr, Frey, Yngvi

Presides Over

He is the lord of the sun, rain and harvests.

Earth Mythological References

Freyr is said to be a shining god who brings fertility and prosperity. The most prominent and beautiful of the male warriors of the Vanir gods, Freyr went to live in Asgard after the war between the Æsir (warrior gods) and Vanir (fertility gods). Freyr is known as lord of the Elves. The ship Skidbladnir was given to him as was Gullinbrusti, the golden bristled boar which draws his chariot. Freyr also possessed a magic sword which by itself could strike out and kill at the will of its owner. He gave this sword to his servant Skirnir as payment for helping Freyr to make Gerda, the beautiful giantess, his wife.

Stargate References

SG-1 arrive on the planet K'Tau and find a society whose religion is patterned on Norse mythology, with their chief god being Freyr. Not long ater the team arrive, the sky turns red. The inhabitants take this to be a sign from the gods, however, it seems that SG-1's use of the wormhole might be the cause. This solar causes a shifting into the infrared spectrum, which will eventually render the world uninhabitable. The team attempt to contact Freyr for help as they had in the past on Cimmeria to contact Thor, but the Asgard High Council is reluctant to intervene - they are precluded from doing so under the Protected Planets treaty. Without the help of the Asgard, Major Samantha Carter is left to find a way to set things right and save K'Tau. (Red Sky)

Freyr comes to the SGC to report that Thor is believed to have been killed and his ship destroyed in a Goa'uld attack on an Asgard Protected Planet. More importantly, Freyr is seeking assistance from the SGC in rescuing Asgard scientist Heimdall who is trapped in a research facility beneath the surface of this planet. The battle with the Replicators is preventing the Asgard from launching the rescue themselves, however with the SGC in possession of a Goa'uld cargo ship, the Asgard believe SG-1 will be successful in extracting Heimdall. (Revelations)


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Hologram (5.05 "Red Sky"): Brian Jensen

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