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Davos was the leader of his people, the Vedeenans, who lived in fear of Wraith cullings in the Pegasus galaxy. But one day, Davos had a vision, hid his people, and succeeded at tricking the Wraith into thinking that the planet was uninhabited. Davos had many visions, some of which he could share with others through touch, and none of them were ever false; every single prediction came true. Davos died of a form of lymphatic cancer. His physiology that gave him the gift of precognition was unique unto himself. (Stargate Atlantis: 4.08 "The Seer")

Character Biography

Teyla Emmagan's people were missing and she needed to find them. She had heard about Davos, the leader of the Vedeenans who everyone said was a seer. She felt that she needed to do everything she could to find her people, so she sought out Davos in the hope that he could help.

Davos had predicted when Teyla and her team would visit his world and had sent a greeting party to meet them. Knowing that Atlantis had advanced technology, Davos' daughter Linara asked if Dr. Keller could treat her ill father. Keller examined Davos on the planet, but decided that she needed to take him to the city to run more sophisticated tests. She didn't need the Ancients' advanced technology to determine that Davos most likely could not be cured.

The skeptic among Teyla's team was Dr. Rodney McKay. As a scientist, he depended on the laws of probability and the theories in quantum physics that concluded that no one could predict the future with certainty, that they could not always be right every single time. Davos immediately wanted to convince McKay that he was not a freud, so he shared a vision which later came true. McKay's interpretation of the prediction, however, was not correct, but that didn't make the vision any less valid.

While in Atlantis, Davos shared a few more visions with Teyla and Carter, but he said that his own future remained unseen. One vision came true within a few hours, but the second vision remained a question even after Davos himself passed away. This vision was seemingly the destruction of Atlantis by the Replicators.

Linara took her father home to be buried in her people's way, but she told Teyla that she was fearful of what the future held for them without Davos' guidance. Teyla's advice to the grieving daughter was very similar to the advice that Davos himself gave Carter when she voiced her hope that the future could be changed: "The future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it."

Two predictions that Davos left unresolved at the time of his death:

  • Given to Teyla concerning her missing people: "they are still alive, but they are shrouded in darkness." Later, Teyla found her people, but several of them had been killed while being experimented on by Michael Kenmore, the human-Wraith hybrid. These survivors were rescued and began anew on the mainland of the new planet that Atlantis moved to after a Replicator attack. (Stargate Atlantis: 4.18 "The Kindred Part 1", 4.19 "The Kindred Part 2", 5.03 "Broken Ties")
  • Given to Carter wherein Atlantis was destroyed by the Replicators. A group of Replicators that had split from the collective built a replica of the city-ship in order to find ways to reach ascension by playing out different scenarios with replicants of Sheppard's team and Elizabeth Weir. The group's location was discovered by the collective and their city-ship was destroyed, just as was seen in Davos' vision. (Stargate Atlantis: 4.10 "This Mortal Coil Part 1")


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