Daniel Jackson: Expressions

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Daniel's expressions aren't limited to the merely vocal; you also have to factor in his hands, his face and his eyebrows, all of which have extensive emotive and evocative vocabularies of their own. Daniel in fact communicates with his entire body.

When asked something he doesn't know, Daniel will respond with "I have no idea."

Upon tasting alien cuisine or eating MREs, Daniel may comment "Tastes like chicken." This refers back to his first encounter with Abydonian cuisine, when he was the only member of Jack's away team to be brave, foolish or polite enough to sample the food.

The word he probably says more than any other, with varying degrees of inflection, meaning, volume, and emotional content: "Jack."

Other Danielisms

"Don't say ka 'til you've tried it."
"The point is..."
"Well, that's neither here nor there."
"I'm Daniel Jackson."
"We're peaceful explorers."
"Just hear me out."
"Good point."
"Per se..."
"I don't know."
"I have no idea."
"I don't think so."
"I'm sorry."
"Oh, God."

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