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3 family members of crew appear in this one shot.

It's a Family Affair

Many of the cast, guest stars, and crew in various interviews remark on the family atmosphere of the Stargate sets. However, at times the "family" can be taken more literally.

Family members of the cast and crew have made appearances on the program. Sometimes, it has only been by homage of a character name, sometimes a photograph, other times cameo appearances, speaking roles, or even recurring characters.

Perhaps the most nespotic scene is during the proposal scene of 8.07 "Affinity", where director Peter DeLuise's brother David, playing Pete Shanahan, proposes to Amanda Tapping's character, Samantha Carter. Behind them are Tapping's mother, and executive producer Michael Greenburg's wife as extras. Also present in the same scene are Peter DeLuise and Greenburg's son, DJ. See individual entries for more information. A screencap of this scene is pictured above.

Below is the Stargate family tree broken down by the cast/crew member:

Richard Dean Anderson, Actor, Executive Producer

This entry may be stretching the boundaries, of "family", but any pet owner would easily argue their dogs and cats are members of the family.

  • Richard Dean Anderson's dog had a pivotal role as Senator Robert Kinsey's dog who greeted O'Neill and Maybourne when they visited Kinsey's home. O'Neill even figured out Kinsey's computer password was the dog's name, Oscar. 4.15 "Chain Reaction"

Robert C. Cooper, Writer, Executive Producer

Peter DeLuise, Writer, Director, Producer

The DeLuise family is loaded with members in the film industry, so it is no surprise that writer/director/producer Peter DeLuise has had a host of family members involved in his work at different times.

  • Dom DeLuise— father of Peter, Dom has played the alien computer program Urgo and its creator, Togar. A young Urgo was played by Peter himself. 3.16 "Urgo"
  • Anne Marie Loder — now wife of Peter, Anne Marie was his girlfriend when she played the role of Farrell, the second in command of Euronda in the episode 4.02 "The Other Side". The episode was directed by Peter, who commented on "killing" her in the episode commentary.

Also, Peter later named the character Lt. Loeder in 4.08 "The First Ones" after his then girlfriend.

Michael Greenburg, Executive Producer

  • D.J. Greenburg — Michael's son was playing in the park with Peter DeLuise during Pete Shanahan's proposal to Samantha Carter in 8.07 "Affinity".
  • Nikki Smook— Michael Greenburg's wife Nikki Smook is an actress in her own right and has played various roles on Stargate: Nikka, one of the transplanted Enkarans; an actress playing an alien romantic interest to Col. Danning on Wormhole X-Treme; and Nictal one of the warriors led by Ishta; as an uncredited extra with Amanda Tapping's mother and a child by the slide in the park during Pete Shanahan's proposal to Carter. 4.09 "Scorched Earth", 5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme", 7.10 "Birthright", and 8.07 "Affinity" respectively

Christopher Judge, Actor

  • Chris Judge —Christopher's son was the young boy that firefighter "Capt. Carter" saved from the burning car in 6.19 "Changeling".
  • One of Christopher Judge's other children also had a small role that was cut from the final version of the same episode.
  • Jeff Judge — Christopher's brother, Jeff plays the recurring role of Aron the rebel/free Jaffa affiliated with the Hak'tyl.
  • Gianna Patton— Christopher Judge's girlfriend (now fiancée), had a small speaking role as the nurse trying to calm down a confused "T" in 6.19 "Changeling".

Damian Kindler, Writer, Producer

  • Aden— The leader of the escaped prisoners Aden Corso was named after Damian's young nephew, his brother's son. 6.18 "Forsaken"

Bridget McGuire, Set Designer

  • Unknown Name —Very in keeping with Bridget's occupation, her homage to her family was in the set decor. Her father builds model airplanes, and it was his airplanes that were used as part of the set decor in aerospace company Colson's office. 8.08 "Covenant"

Michael Shanks, Actor

  • Lexa Doig — an accomplished actress in her own right, Lexa first met Michael when he guest starred on the series where she was a regular, Andromeda. Since married to Michael, Lexa won the role of recurring character Dr. Carolyn Lam, CMO of Stargate Command and daughter to Gen. Hank Landry. Doig was also Cooper's first choice for the role of Reese the android in 5.19 "Menace", but was unavailable at the time.
  • Tatiana Shanks(?) — Michael's oldest daughter with Vaitiare Bandera, Tatiana had a cameo appearance playing frisbee in the background while Cameron Mitchell was having a heart-to-heart discussion with his father in one of the final scenes of 9.12 "Collateral Damage". Shanks has joked that this was her second role; her first was playing a fetus in 2.09 "Secrets".

Dan Shea, Actor, Stunt Double for Anderson, Stunt Coordinator

Amanda Tapping, Actor

  • Amanda's mother had a cameo appearance as a woman in the park with a child on the slide in 8.07 "Affinity". Note Nikki Smook, wife of Michael Greeburg is near her in that same scene.
  • Alan Kovacs —Amanda's husband had a cameo appearance as the first fireman who slid down a pole and was seen later in the same scene pulling equipment from a truck. 6.19 "Changeling"
  • Amanda used her own family photographs to decorate Sam Carter's house in 5.03 "Ascension", one exception is of Jacob and "Sam", which is actually one Carmen Argenziano donated from his personal collection.

Peter Woeste, Director, Director of Photography

  • Nicole Forest — Peter's wife and also head of accounting for the production studio, Nicole was Malachi's wife in the picture he kept on the planet in 4.06 "Window Of Opportunity".

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