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The People of P7J-989 had rendered their world uninhabitable through overindustrialization. They built several domed habitats and placed themselves in stasis chairs which linked their minds together. During their long slumber, the "residents" were entertained by the virtual reality scenerios played out from each person's memories, managed by a man known as The Keeper. When SG-1 came to the planet, they were each lured into a Game Keeper's Chair and their memories were incorporated into the entertainment scenarios. Eventually, SG-1 convinced the residents that the planet had become habitable once more and showed them the exits out of the "games", much to the Keeper's dismay because he felt that they would destroy the world once again after he had planted lovely flower gardens. The People of P7J-989 were introduced in the episode, 2.04 "The Game Keeper".

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