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Each character biography includes an article on how that character impacted the lives of those of the SGC and includes links to episode appearance(s); the character biography pages of those who interacted with or are related to the profiled character; links to technology, locations, or other articles of general interest; and information about the actor who portrayed the character.

The articles in this category are phasing out the content of the Stargate SG-1 Solutions Character Compendium—an alphabetical listing of characters with pictures (when available). The Compendium is up-to-date with the end of Season Seven. Our StargateWiki has picked up the biographies for Season Eight and is moving backward from there. Eventually, the Character Compendium will be totally replaced by the wiki, but it is still available for your review until that happens.

Civilians from Earth are in the articles section below. All other characters are placed into categories.