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Brenna of P3R-118


Brenna was the supervisor of a section of the underground workers of the planet P3R-118. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")

Character Biography

Brenna saw the unequal treatment of the workers of the power plant used to control the environment of a city enclosed in a dome to protect the inhabitants from the ice age. When Administrator Calder, who lived in luxury and comfort in the city, chose to capture and stamp the members of SG-1 with alternate personalities and have them labor in the plant, and then to have them killed when they began to reject the false memories and remember who they were, Brenna realized how very wrong it was for them to enslave and lie to the workers. She decided to help SG-1 escape, but Calder shot her. Fortunately, he was not a good aim and she survived the attack. SG-1 took her with them to the SGC infirmary, but her whereabouts following that were not revealed. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")


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