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Looking down the barrel of Beretta


A model of the full size 9mmm semi-automatic Beretta pistol is the standard sidearm of SGC personnel. The Beretta is often worn as a secondary weapon by SG team members when going offworld. Unless a mission is primarily for battle, Daniel Jackson does not carry a firearm other than his Beretta. His year long replacement on the team, Jonas Quinn, did the same. Teal'c often does not carry a Beretta, opting instead to carry a zat'nik'tel as his sidearm.

Technical Details

The Beretta is a semi-automatic handgun Technically, Beretta is a brand name that refers to a variety of weapons produced by the Italian Beretta company. However, in this context, it often refers specifically to the "92 series" of Beretta, a full size pistol. The M9 series of the full size Beretta pistol has been the standard weapon for the United States military since around 1990. It replaced .45 caliber weapons and .38 revolvers used by the US military as their sidearm. The Beretta is a 9mm weapon. It weighs approximately two and one-half pounds when loaded and one clip holds fifteen rounds. Its firing range is approximately fifty meters. The magazine release can be positioned for right or left handed users.

Stargate References

As the standard sidearm for all off world teams, the Beretta can often be spotted holstered among the gear the SG teams wear. It has been used many times in the course of their duties, and surrendered at other times when a team has faced overwhelming odds. Several are stored in the armory of any of the bases, including Stargate Command (SGC) and the Atlantis outpost, and the ships, such as Prometheus, Daedalus, and Odyssey. The following is a list of some occasions when the Beretta has been used by individuals in Stargate Command:

Seasons One and Two

O'Neill and Connor with weapons trained
Carter points her weapon at Jonas Hanson
O'Neill fires at Skaara/Klorel

Jack O'Neill traded his Beretta to the warlord Turghan in exchange for getting the kidnapped Samantha Carter back without bloodshed (1.04 "Emancipation"). He had not reloaded after using the weapon to ward off wild dogs, so only a few bullets remained. The group retreated before Turghan realized the limited use of his pistol.

Lt. Connor used his 9mm Beretta to threaten Daniel Jackson, but was stopped in turn by O'Neill holding his own 9mm on Connor (1.06 "The First Commandment"). Later, Samantha Carter pulled her sidearm to try and convince Jonas Hanson to surrender. Unfortunately, she was unable to fire on her former fiancé, and Jonas called her bluff, taking the weapon.

Sam Carter handed her sidearm to Daniel Jackson as a backup weapon while she used her rifle when they went to rescue their other teammates from Klorel on the Goa'uld mothership (1.22 "Within the Serpent's Lair"). Daniel was taken off guard by a hiding Klorel, causing one pistol to slide across the floor and held helpless by the ribbon device to use the other. The now free O'Neill retrieved the lost pistol and used it to kill Klorel/Skaara and save Daniel Jackson.

When an Ashrak tracked Jolinar to the SGC, he used the Beretta he had taken from an airman to kill the two SFs guarding Jolinar/Samantha Carter (2.02 "In The Line Of Duty"). When trying to make his escape later, the Ashrak pulled the weapon again to hold Daniel Jackson hostage. Both he and hostage were disabled by Teal'c firing his zat'nik'tel.

When Daniel Jackson was still suffering from withdrawal from sarcophagus addiction, he went on a rampage, knocking out Dr. Fraiser, and beating his guard (2.05 "Need"). Taking the SF's Beretta, Daniel tried to escape. He shot out an overhead light in the supply room and threatened Jack O'Neill before being talked down from his paranoia.

Seasons Three and Four

Daniel reloads his 9mm
Sam with Beretta aimed at Foothold Aliens
Sam as Daniel aiming pistol

SG-1 encountered human youths who were training as Earth military recruits under Apophis (3.09 "Rules of Engagement"). These young soldiers had intars, training weapons identical to various real weapons. Among their training arsenal were several Berettas.

Daniel Jackson downed one Jaffa with his Beretta when trying to reach Amaunet (3.10 "Forever in a Day"). He had to reload his weapon, but tried to take over his wife. Like with Jonas and Samantha Carter Amaunet realized Daniel would be unable to shoot his wife. She activated the ribbon device. Daniel's Beretta fell harmlessly to the ground as he collapsed under its power.

When attempting to rescue Jacob Carter/Selmak, SG-1 infiltrated Sokar's prison world of Netu (3.12 "Jolinar's Memories"). SG-1 hid their sidearms as protection. The weapons were later confiscated by the denizens of the moon.

When aliens took over Stargate Command and mimicked the appearances of the personnel, only Samantha Carter and Teal'c remained unaffected (3.14 "Foothold"). Sam went to Washington to report the Foothold, but was stopped by Col. Maybourne and "Jack O'Neill" and "Daniel Jackson". On the flight back, "Jack O'Neill"'s mimicked appearance became obvious. Samantha swiped Maybourne's weapon and killed and/or wounded the various aliens. Using the mimicry device for Daniel Jackson, Sam reentered the SGC, using the Beretta as her primary offensive and defensive weapon against the aliens until reinforcements arrived.

After O'Neill exposed the rogue NID operation to the Asgard, he escaped through the Stargate to the SGC (3.18 Shades of Grey). Col. O'Neill held his Beretta in the Stargate event horizon to prevent the wormhole from shutting down, forcing the rogue members to come through and be arrested.

Lt. Loeder fired his Beretta several times at Chaka when the Unas attacked SG-11's camp (4.08 "The First Ones"). Although wounding the young Unas, Loeder was unable to stop him from abducting Daniel, nor killing the young Lieutenant.

Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser both aimed their Berettas at Osiris when she appeared in the Egyptian temple, but were knocked back by a ribbon device blast before they could fire (4.14 "The Curse"). Daniel Jackson's attempt to fire a tranquilizer was repelled, and he was unable to unholster his Beretta before Osiris reached him. Carter revived and fired her weapon several times at the Goa'uld, but an active ring platform prevented the shots from reaching Osiris.

Seasons Five, Six, and Seven

Janet holds Beretta on Nirrti
NID aim Beretta on SGC intruders
Daniel shoots out window on Kelowna

Col. O'Neill threatened a Malchus of K'Tau with his Beretta after the religious zealot had some of his men sabotage the rocket meant to save the planet (5.05 "Red Sky").

When her adopted daughter Cassandra's life was threatened, Janet Fraiser knocked out Nirrti's guard and took his weapon (5.06 "Rite of Passage"). She held the Beretta on Nirrti, threatening to kill the Goa'uld if she did not reverse the damage done to the teenager and save her life.

Not only civilian clad Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter used Berettas when tracking the alien fugitives who were conducting surveillance on their crewmate Martin Lloyd (5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme"). The NID who were also tracking the aliens appeared to have the 9mm pistols when they faced the pair and Air Force backup in a standoff. Teal'c also carried the Earth pistol when working among the civilian crew of the television studio.

When SG-1 invaded a Seattle area closed hospital to find the kidnapped Major Carter, they were armed with zat'nik'tels and Berettas (5.11 "Desperate Measures"). Col. Simmons likely used a Beretta when he shot O'Neill in the back to facilitate leaving with the Goa'uld who had taken over Adrian Conrad. O'Neill was wounded in the arm, but the bulletproof vest prevented further shots from injuring him.

When trainees are tested for Stargate Command, they use intar replicas of P-90s and Berettas (5.13 "Proving Ground"). Based upon O'Neill's actions with one set of recruits let by Lt. Elliot, the intar Berettas may turn into the real weapons by changing cartridges. However, unbeknownst to the recruits, O'Neill merely swapped the intar charge for a clip of blanks. He later provided blank filled Berettas to the recruits as backup weapons during the "Foothold" of the SGC. SFs fighting the recruit team were also using blank weapons.

Daniel Jackson used his Beretta to shoot out a window in Kelowna so that he could reach the naquadria reactor before it went critical, saving the planet and exposing himself to lethal radiation (5.21 "Meridian").

Seasons Eight and Nine

Anubis possessing Daniel fires on SFs
Daniel fires Beretta on Tegalus
Daniel and Mitchell shoot at Khalek

When Anubis was inside the SGC Base, he possessed Daniel Jackson and tried to escape through the Stargate (8.03 "Lockdown"). When the mission was on standdown, Anubis as Daniel took a member of SG-11 hostage and started firing his Beretta at the guards. When one shot by Teal'c's zat failed to stop him, O'Neill was forced to shoot Daniel Jackson with a Beretta he confiscated from another airman.

Daniel unholstered his weapon and returned fire when religious zealots were attacking the Rand Protectorate's government bunker during his stay on Tegalus (8.06 "Icon"). He apparently lost the weapon when he was wounded in an explosion.

A Goa'ulded Robert Kinsey stole the sidearm of one of his guards and uses it to make his escape from Prometheus (8.12 "Full Alert"). When he arrived on the Trust al'kesh, he used that same Beretta to kill one of the other Goa'ulded Trust members.

Frustrated when Vala Mal Doran's health became critical, Lt. Col. Mitchell obtained a Beretta and planned to shoot the Ancient communication terminal as a way to free Vala and Daniel from its hold (9.02 "Avalon Part 2"). He was dissuaded from the action by Bill Lee.

When the Anubis clone Khalek attempted to escape the SGC, he was stopped by shots from Lt. Col. Mitchell's Beretta (9.09 "Prototype"). Even shot at point blank range, Khalek did not die from his wounds but healed himself through his advanced abilities. Later, he stopped bullets from Mitchell's Beretta, but did not note the danger from Daniel Jackson, who also fired his pistol. Multiple shots from both Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell ended the advanced clone's life.

When the rest of their arsenal was expended, SG-1 resorted to firing their Berettas at the oncoming scourge of prior bugs attacking them (9.17 "The Scourge").


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