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System Lord Bastet

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Bast (‘she of the perfume jar’), Also Sekhmet, although there is some confusion as to Bastet and Sekhmet being one in the same. She is also connected to Hathor, Tefnut, Atum (her father), and Mut.

Presides Over

Love, sex, fertility, music, dance; patroness of pregnant women and secrets; protected humans against disease and evil spirits. She is also said to preside over Lower Egypt.

Personal Symbols

Cat, woman with a cat’s head, perfume

Earth Mythological References

Originally, Bastet was depicted as a woman with the head of a lion to show her war-like side. In the New Kingdom, her image was ‘softened’ with her head being changed to that of a housecat and she was generally perceived as a goddess of happiness and carried a sistrum (a musical instrument). Bastet considered cats to be sacred and killing a cat – even accidentally – was an offense punishable by instant execution. Cats were mummified in her honor. She personified the beneficial, fertilizing power of the sun. Her festivals were among the most popular in ancient Egypt, boasting record attendance and consumption of wine more than at any other time of the year. Her cult center was in Bubastis, and she was worshipped in all of Lower Egypt.

Stargate References

One of the seven System Lords of the Goa’uld summit, Bastet frequently engaged in treachery.

Note them, Jarren. Our future allies.

DANIEL (in reference to two female Goa'uld talking in the middle)
Bastet. Kali the Destroyer. They made a treaty with Sobek then moved against him during the celebratory feast. Sobek let his guard down. Rumour has it, his head still decorates Bastet's palace in Bubastis.

You have a good memory. They are still worthy of my allegiance.


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