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* [http://www.stargate-sg1-solutions.com/episoderedux/s7/704.shtml 7.04 Orpheus]
* [http://www.stargate-sg1-solutions.com/episoderedux/s7/704.shtml 7.04 Orpheus]
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* [http://www.pantheon.org/articles/b/baal.html Encyclopedia Mythica: Baal by Alag G. Hefner]
* [http://www.pantheon.org/articles/b/baal.html Encyclopedia Mythica: Baal by Alag G. Hefner]
==Actor Information==
* Cliff Simon
* [[Cliff Simon]]
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System Lord Ba'al

Earth Culture of Origin

Semites, Canaanites

Alternate names / Spellings

Belus, Baalzebub, Beelzebub (one of the fallen angels of Satan). Baal means “master” or “owner”

Presides Over

Fertility, agriculture

Personal Symbols

The sun

Earth Mythological References

Baal was the son of El, the high god of the Caananites. His annual death and consequent rebirth celebrations included human sacrifice and temple prostitution. Baal’s providence extended over the protection of livestock and crops to such a degree that when droughts and other natural disasters occurred, his worshippers would engage in frenzied obeisance to gain his favor.

Baal has been associated with the dark god Moloch. Savage worship rites included self-mutilation, dancing, chanting and the burning of offerings which included first-born children.

Also adopted by the Phoenicians, the cult of Baal spread far and wide due to their extensive travels by sea and included the Moabites, the Midianites and the Israelites.

Baal’s chief consort was Ashtoreth or Astarte, who was equivalent to the Greek goddess, Aphrodite.

Stargate References: Summit, Last Stand, Abyss, Homecoming, Orpheus

Do not accept gifts from Baal.

They have a habit of exploding, especially when he feels he has been slighted. He wiped out the inhabitants of two star systems, sixty million lives, rather than lose them to Sokar in a territorial dispute.

At a summit of the System Lords, Baal was introduced as one of the seven remaining Goa’uld chiefs in the wake of the death of Apophis. This meeting of rival Goa'uld was an historical event requiring a great deal of special security measures to ensure their safety and secrecy. The Tok’ra sent Daniel Jackson, posing as the lo'taur or most trusted personal servant of Lord Yu, in among the System Lords as an assassin to take them all out at once with a special poison created by Tok’ra scientists which would act only on the symbiotes.

However, upon discovering that another, unknown Goa’uld was launching successful attacks against the System Lords, Daniel chose to let them live and remain squabbling among themselves rather than destroy them and leave the universe under the control of the heretofore unknown Goa’uld, Anubis. Baal was among those who voted to allow Anubis to return to the inner circle of the System Lords, in exchange for the destruction of the Tau'ri at Anubis’s hands. He is the only one among them not bound by the Asgard Protected Planets Treaty.

Some months later, the Tok’ra sent one of their own, a symbiote named Kanan, into Baal’s ranks to spy on him. Kanan used Baal’s lo'taur (most trusted personal servant), a young woman, to get into the Goa’uld’s personal quarters to gather information. Kaanan then left her behind when his mission was completed. After the death of his host, the Tok’ra symbiote was implanted into Col. O’Neill, who was dying of an unknown disease contracted in Antarctica after the discovery of an Ancient woman frozen in the ice.

Kanan healed O’Neill of his illness but then took the colonel back to Baal’s secret base to rescue Baal's lo'taur Shallan, whom Kanan had loved, used, and left behind. Though the Tok'ra accepted sacrifice and loss as an inevitable conseuquence of war, Carter and Jonas Quinn believed Kanan was influenced by O'Neill's code of honour, particularly his commitment to not leaving his people behind.

The escape was foiled and O’Neill was killed, later to be revived in Baal’s sarcophagus. The System Lord repeatedly tortured Jack to death and resurrected him in an attempt to retrieve information imprinted on O'Neill's mind from the symbiote, which fled the colonel’s body during the escape attempt. Baal had developed anti-gravity technology on the secret base where Jack was held captive and Kanan had passed this information along to Tok’ra operatives.

Jack was saved when the location of the secret base was revealed to Baal's rival Lord Yu by Teal'c, inspired during kel'no'reem by the ascended Daniel. Yu, greedy for the new technology, promptly attacked the base with the motherships necessary to breach its defences. During that attack, Jack managed to escape successfully with Baal’s lo'taur.

Lord Yu, who had voted against the inclusion of Anubis among the ranks of the System Lords, led the combined fleet of the Systems Lords in the battle against his rise to supremacy over them all. When Yu, the oldest of the Goa'uld symbiotes, began to exhibit signs of paranoia and senility, Teal'c and Yu's First Prime Oshu turned to Baal, finessing him into taking Yu's place.

Baal led the attack on Anubis as his mothership hovered over the Kelownan capital, home of Jonas Quinn. After destroying Anubis' vast mothership, Baal demanded Anubis' surrender, only to find he'd already fled. Although his actions saved Jonas' people from extermination, Baal was made aware of the existence of Kelowna and its valuable naquadriah. He also used his command of the combined fleet of the System Lords into an aggressive and successful assault on his fellow, expanding his empire further and faster than anyone could have predicted.

The SGC successfully made him the single biggest Goa'uld threat after Anubis.

Baal's influence was felt again when in a trance, Daniel Jackson was able to remember that Master Bra'tac and Teal'c's son Rya'c were imprisoned in one of Baal's brutal deathcamps. Captured rebel Jaffa were literally worked to death in the construction of ha'tak vessels - Goa'uld motherships. Only Jaffa could stand the intense heat and toxic gases of the blast furnaces fed by underground volcanic systems. Eventually even they succumbed. It was a logical place for Bra'tac and Rya'c to recruit rebels.

When Daniel was able to recall the planet's location and Carter used his memories to unlock the forcefield over Baal's Stargate there, SG-1 went through to Erebus to rescue their captured friends. Carter and Daniel successfully destroyed the mothership Baal's forces were constructing while O'Neill, Teal'c and the others freed the Jaffa and destroyed his labour camp.


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