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* [[Rebel Jaffa]]
* [[Rebel Jaffa]]
* [[Replicators]]
* [[Replicators]]
* [[Weapon on Dakara]]
* [[Weapon On Dakara |Weapon on Dakara]]

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Ba'al's Jaffa


This unnamed Jaffa was onboard Ba'al's command ha'tak in the battle with the Rebel Jaffa and Replicators over the planet Dakara. He privately questioned Ba'al's tactics, not knowing that Ba'al was hoping to defeat the Replicators, stalling the defeat of the Rebel Jaffa in order to buy time for Jacob Carter/Selmak and Lt. Col. Samantha Carter to calibrate the Ancient weapon hidden in the temple there. This Jaffa was abandoned by Ba'al when the Rebel Jaffa boarded his vessel after the defeat of the Replicators. Whether or not he decided to stay with the newly-formed Free Jaffa Nation was never revealed, but it can be certain that he was given the opportunity to join them. (8.17 "Reckoning Part 2")


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