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* Colonel Jack O'Neill
* Colonel Jack O'Neill
* Major Samantha Carter
* Teal'c
* Teal'c
* Dr. Janet Fraiser
* Dr. Janet Fraiser

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Rebel Jaffa Artok


Rebel Jaffa who was killed at the Alpha Site by an Ashrak sent by Anubis to create discord among the Tok'ra, Jaffa, and Tau'ri in the Season Six episode, Allegiance.

Character Biography

Artok, a rebel Jaffa, was living at the SGC's Alpha Site when the Tok'ra came from their base in the Risa System to seek refuge from Anubis' attack. Less than one quarter of the Tok'ra from the doomed base made it to safety. Jacob Carter/Selmak set off a bomb at the doomed site to prevent Anubis' forces from following them through the stargate to the secret Alpha Site. Several personnel from the SGC were helping with the Tok'ra refugees, including Dr. Janet Fraiser, who was performing triage at the base of the stargate.

While the Tok'ra were coming through the stargate, Artok tried to help one of them with a crate he was carrying. The Tok'ra slapped Artok's hand away, refusing aid from a Jaffa. This Tok'ra was named Ocker and he was the chief of security of the Risa base. The crate he was carrying contained a zatarc detector.

Three Tok'ra died from their wounds and everyone at the Alpha Site attended a funeral ritual. They gathered around the stargate and Malek, the commander of the Tok'ra Risa base, said a few words before they activated the 'gate and allowed the unstable vortex of the wormhole to engulf the bodies. During this brief ceremony, Artok attempted to ask Ocker a question regarding the ritual and Ocker knocked him to the ground because no one was supposed to speak during the funeral. Artok retaliated by saying that the Tok'ra were no different than the Goa'uld.

Later, Major Samantha Carter discovered that someone had rigged her naquadah reactor to overload. She caught it in time before it would have set off a very large explosion. Colonel Jack O'Neill, who was in command at the site, ordered that the Tok'ra subject themselves to the zatarc detector because they were the last group through the stargate. The Tok'ra passed the tests.

While these tests were being conducted, O'Neill observed Artok and Ocker get into yet another quarrel. Teal'c interceded and stopped their argument from escalating. Ocker's dead body was found soon afterwards hidden among some large barrels.

Because of their obvious dislike for each other, Artok was accused of killing Ocker. He refused to take the zatarc detector test, but Bra'tac used his influence as leader to pursuade Artok to undergo the procedure. Artok's alibi was that he was sitting across the compound eating his ration in private. When asked if he had killed Ocker, Astor answered that he had not, but the zatarc detector indicated that he was not being entirely forthcoming. Malek said that obviously Artok was guilty, but Carter said that the device had generated false positives in the past. Nevertheless, until an autopsy could be performed, Artok was placed under arrest and sent to a holding cell.

Fraiser performed the autopsy and determined Ocker's death was executed from behind with a bladed weapon. Whoever killed Ocker severed the spinal columns of both the host and symbiote simultaneously. Bra'tac insisted that a Jaffa would not have killed in this manner, but would have exacted vengeance face-to-face. Teal'c said that the suspect was most likely a Tok'ra or Goa'uld.

O'Neill ordered a head count after Bra'tac discovered a set of fresh footprints leading away from the building where Artok had been held. After it was determined that everyone was present and accounted for, O'Neill designated three-person teams to search for the suspect. Each team consisted of a Jaffa, a Tok'ra, and a Tau'ri (someone from the SGC). During the search, Captain Greer's team were all killed and Bra'tac was attacked by an invisible assailant and presumed dead.

Artok's death resulted from a frontal attack with an bladed weapon. He had no defense wounds and he died from a single thrust, up through the symbiote, and continuing up to pierce his heart. He was dead before he hit the ground. Fraiser determined that the weapon used to kill Artok was the same as that which was used to kill Ocker and Captain Greer's team. The assailant was determined to be an Ashrak, a Goa'uld assassin, who was using a personal cloaking device to aid in his moving about the site undetected. He was most probably hired by Anubis and secretly accompanied the Tok'ra when they had abandoned their base. The Ashrak was killed by Bra'tac, who had recovered enough from his wounds to move from the place of his assault.

The Ashrak had attempted to prevent the Tok'ra and Jaffa from joining in their effort to eliminate the Goa'uld by using the divide and conquer tactic. Artok's death was meant to sever the two groups' relationship, but had, in fact, brought them closer together.


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