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Arrom of Vis Uban


Arrom is an amnesiac Daniel Jackson's name, given to him by the inhabitants of Vis Uban, when he returns after his ascension in 7.01 "Fallen Part 1."

Character Biography

Arrom, whose name means naked one, was the persona which Daniel Jackson took when he returned to human form after being one of the Ascended who followed Oma Desala. He fell from the sky with a bright light which was witnessed by nomads when they were returning from a trip to the watering hole on the planet P4T-3G6.

Because he had been previously an energy being, Arrom took on human form completely naked (thus, his name). He was placed in the fetal position in the middle of a clearing of a forest, among the ruins of an Ancient city. The nomads took him back to their tent village situated among the city's ruins and gave him food, clothing, and shelter.

Arrom adapted to the customs of the nomadic people who found him. He wore trousers and boots, covered by a blue robe for additional warmth, as it was cold on the planet when he was found. He carried his meager belongings in a leather shoulder bag, cooked over an open fire outside his tent, and meditated with lit candles. He was also respectful to the village elder, Shamda, who taught life's lessons through the telling of fables.

Arrom had no memory of who he was or where he was from. All he knew were the people and the village of Vis Uban. He was drawn to the carvings on the columns of the ruins within the village and felt that he should have been able to read them (1). He was frustrated with his lack of memory and was afraid that he was being punished for doing something wrong. (2)

After two moons had passed, Shamda recommended that Arrom seek his answers among the ruins of the forest where he was found (2). Arrom set out on his quest and ran into Colonel Reynolds of SG-3. Reynolds immediately recognized him as Daniel Jackson and took him to SG-1, who were back in Arrom's village. The SGC had three teams on P4T-3G6 because they thought that the Ancient's Lost City was there.

Arrom was very aloof and slightly rude when he first met SG-1. Since we're not shown how Reynolds convinced Arrom to return to the village with them, it is possible that Arrom was frightened by SG-3's weapons which they had pointed at him the moment he innocently walked into their area of surveillance near the stargate. He stood silently in front of SG-1 and appeared both curious and cautious. When Major Samantha Carter reached out to touch him, he swept her hand away before she could make contact. While the nomads told his story to SG-1, Arrom studied them very closely. His attitude changed slightly and he attempted to be more polite, even though he was confused and overwhelmed by their desperate pleas for him to recognize them. He apologized and then quickly went to his tent, preferring to be left alone.

Colonel Jack O'Neill entered Arrom's tent without permission and tried to convince him that he was Doctor Daniel Jackson. He told him about his dying and ascending to a higher plane of existence, and about the last time he had seen him being when they were fighting against Anubis. Arrom listened to O'Neill's story, but was not convinced. O'Neill's last effort at convincing Arrom that he was Daniel Jackson was to appeal to Jackson's mind of reason: the probability of their just running into him was quite small and that maybe he had been placed there on that planet for SG-1 to find him.

O'Neill gave Carter the go to try to convince Arrom that he was Daniel Jackson. Carter wanted to understand why he was afraid of learning about himself. He said that he feared that he would not be able to right some wrong that he thought he had done. She told him about his compassion and desire to make a difference, his passion for knowledge, his tendency to be torn apart when he failed, and his willingness to sacrifice his life for complete strangers. She urged him to think about coming back with them to Earth to learn of himself. Arrom's attitude softened while Carter was in his tent. He was engaged by her seemingly intimate familiarity with him, so much so that he thought that they had been lovers. Carter quickly denied that their relationship was of that nature, but she did say that they had been "really, really good friends."

Arrom considered his options, and true to Daniel Jackson's nature, he decided he needed to know who he was and go home with SG-1. General George Hammond and several SGC personnel were waiting at the bottom of the ramp when he walked through the Stargate. Hammond was glad to see him even though Arrom told him that he did not remember anything. O'Neill took him to the infirmary where Dr. Janet Fraiser examined him and gave him Jackson's eye glasses. Arrom was shocked at the difference the glasses made to his vision. O'Neill took him to a VIP room so that he would stay on the base while his memories returned. Arrom looked at the artifacts which O'Neill had kept for him and placed in the room, but he still did not recall the memories these items should have evoked. When he picked up the picture of Sha're, he appeared to find familiarity with it and he went to sleep with the picture by his side on top of the bed. That night, memories began to return in his dreams and when he woke up, Arrom knew he was Daniel Jackson.


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For about a year after "Fallen" was originally aired on the SciFi Channel, there were two missing scenes placed on the webpage for the episode on These two scenes are no longer available for viewing. They were: (1) Arrom telling Shamda that he felt he should be able to read the inscriptions on the ruins, and (2) Arrom and Shamda talking about Arrom's feelings that he had done something wrong and Shamda advising him to discover what it was and make it right. Shamda sent Arrom to the ruins where he was found, hoping that Arrom's answers would be there. The next thing we know is that Arrom encountered SG-3 on his walk.

As of May 2006, the missing scenes have been put together as one scene and are available for viewing at the website under the name "Sage Advice".

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