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Tok'ra Scientist Anise


Anise was a Tok'ra scientist whose host was named Freya. Together they often threatened the strength of the Tok'ra-Tau'ri alliance.

Character Biography

Anise, whose name means noble strength, is a Tok'ra symbiote blended with her human host, Freya. SG-1 first encountered Anise/Freya when she came to the SGC seeking assistance in testing alien technology left behind by an extinct race called the Atoneeks [Upgrades]. Anise's area of expertise is ancient cultures, and as such, she was the one who discovered the alien technology: armbands which were supposed to give the wearers increased speed and strength. The armbands had been sought after for a long time by the Goa'uld and Tok'ra, but had for the most part been considered a myth.

The Atoneek armbands did not work on the Tok'ra because of the live symbiote and Anise conjectured that it would not work for the Jaffa for the same reason. She asked Colonel Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, and Major Samantha Carter to test the armbands for her in the interest of the Tok'ra-Earth alliance. While observing the effects the armbands had on her three subjects, Anise did not win Dr.Janet Fraiser's trust. She was not forthcoming in sharing the medical knowledge gained from the experiment, and as a result, Dr. Fraiser did her own examinations and tests which revealed that the armbands were using a form of a virus to disseminate their effects and that this method could lead to massive organ failure.

During the course of the experiment, we learn that Freya, Anise's host, enjoyed tactile sensations, so Anise wrote her notes on the Atoneek in a journal to accommodate her host's preferences. This allowance illustrated the nature of a 'true symbiotic' relationship shared between the host and the Tok'ra symbiote.

When it was discovered that the armbands performed above and beyond expectations, the Tok'ra suggested that they be put to use by sending O'Neill, Jackson, and Carter to PX9-797 to destroy a new class of battleship being built by Apophis. If the ship were completed, it would mean Apophis would have dominance over the other Goa'uld and possibly the Earth and the rest of the galaxy. General Hammond suspected that Anise knew all along about this battleship and that her original purpose in introducing the armbands was to send SG-1 to destroy it. This suspicion did not help in forging the Tok'ra-Earth alliance.

O'Neill, Jackson, and Carter were negatively effected by the armbands in that their abilities to think and act rationally were diminished. They acted against orders by leaving the base to go out to dinner and ended up in a barroom brawl. They further defied orders and went on the mission to destroy Apophis' ship by knocking out the 'gate technicians and locking out the 'gate control computers. General Hammond sent Teal'c after them and, fortunately, Teal'c was able to save his teammates after the armbands' effects wore off.

Anise's experiment with the armbands was not a total failure. She discovered that the armbands which had given the Atoneeks the strength on which they relied for their survival had been the cause of their extinction because the wearer was not able to use the technology more than once.

O'Neill did not trust the Tok'ra because in his mind 'a snake is a snake' and Anise's actions during this encounter did not help. She tried to make amends by saying that she looked forward to working with them again, but O'Neill did not seem as enthused.

SG-1 next saw Anise when Teal'c's first love, a Jaffa priestess named Sho'nac, entreated the Tok'ra to allow the mature symbiote she carried in her pouch to join them. Sho'nac was convinced that her training as a priestess had allowed her to make a telepathic connection with her symbiote and that through this connection, she was able to train the symbiote to turn from its evil ways. The Tok'ra were very interested in this prospect because their numbers were dwindling. The original Tok'ra were the direct offspring of Egeria, a Goa'uld who broke away from the rest over 2000 years ago. Egeria came to Earth to stop the Goa'uld from taking humans through the stargate as slaves. Her biggest adversary was Ra, and that is how the Tok'ra got their name (Tok'ra means against Ra). Egeria was presumed dead at the hands of Ra, and as such no more of her line were being introduced.

In the Tok'ra's underground base on the planet Vorash, Anise accommodated Sho'nac by obtaining a host, Hebron of Parabal, for her mature symbiote as well as a larval symbiote to replace the one she carried. With a new symbiote, Sho'nac would be given the chance to live and continue to pursuade the symbiotes she carried to become Tok'ra.

Anise did not foster continued good relations with the SGC because she did not permit Tanith, Hebron's symbiote, to immediately share his Goa'uld knowledge with SG-1. She insisted that the information would be shared in the future, but O'Neill left Vorash abruptly and angrily, feeling that the Tok'ra had again purposefully undermined the Tok'ra-Earth alliance.

Anise and the other Tok'ra realized that Sho'nac had failed to reprogram Tanith after he killed Sho'nac and her new symbiote for daring to touch his mind. They decided to use his presence among them in their favor by having him spread disinformation among the Goa'uld. SG-1 expressed concern for Hebron, Tanith's host, but Anise insisted that he knew what the risks were when he volunteered to become a host and that they planned to remove Tanith as soon as his usefulness ended. She did not apologize for their handling of Hebron or Tanith, since she felt that the Tok'ra were fighting a war for their very existence.

Anise's last in-person encounter with SG-1 was to aid in the detecting of SGC personnel who might have been programmed by the Goa'uld as assassins [Divide and Conquer]. SG-1 had discovered that some of their SG teams had been programmed as assassins when they met the Tok'ra High Chancellor Per'sus on Vorash and one of their own, Major Graham, attempted to kill him. When Graham failed to eliminate his target, he took his own life by blowing himself to bits with the Goa'uld weapon he was using in his assassination attempt.

Anise had presented her theory about zatarcs, those programmed by Goa'uld brainwashing technology, to the Tok'ra High Council after three Tok'ra operatives had behaved in the same way as Major Graham within the last two months. According to Anise, zatarcs were not aware of being captured or reprogrammed because the Goa'uld would implant false memories into their subconscious. The zatarc's programming would be triggered by a visual or auditory signal. Even though the High Council dismissed her theory as conjecture, she pursued the development of the zatarc detector, a device similar to a lie detector, which combined the technologies of a device originally designed to verify the information retrieved through the torture of a Goa'uld and a Tok'ra memory recall device.

Anise first started her tests by selecting members of Major Graham's team and found that Lt.Astor was a zatarc. Anise proposed that she attempt to erase the programming from Lt.Astor's mind by damaging the portion of her brain that has been affected by the zatarc technology. When she started the extremely painful procedure, Lt.Astor's programming was triggered and she broke free of her restraints and started to fire from a gun she took from one of the SFs who was stationed to guard her. Lt.Astor struggled for control, but ended up taking her own life by shooting herself in the head, thus preventing Anise from obtaining valuable information about the zatarc programming.

When Anise placed the members of SG-1 under the zatarc detection procedure, O'Neill and Carter were determined to be zatarcs when they were questioned about SG-1's covert destruction of Apophis' new battleship on PX9-797 while they were under the influence of the Atoneek armbands. For their own safety, as well as others', they were put in isolation rooms under guard.

Freya visited O'Neill while he was under guard so that she could thank him for saving her life both on Vorash and in the interview room when Lt.Astor fired her weapon. She revealed that she was attracted to him and took him by surprise with a few passionate kisses. O'Neill tried to be polite, but he was absolutely sure he did not want to pursue a relationship with a Tok'ra. Proving that a Tok'ra symbiote and its host were two separate entities, Freya made known that Anise was actually attracted to Jackson on an intellectual level. Freya's attitude concerning Anise's attraction to Jackson was that she'd 'have to suffer', indicating that sometimes the host and symbiote don't always agree, contrary to Martouf/Lantash's position that they 'loved as one.'

Anise retested O'Neill and Carter and cleared them from being zatarcs, because the zatarc detector was not able to differentiate between false memories and undisclosed true feelings.

When the Tok'ra High Chancellor and the President of the United States were scheduled to meet at the SGC to sign a treaty, Anise assured everyone that there were no more zatarcs among the SGC personnel and the Tok'ra. By some strange oversight, she had failed to test Martouf and, as it turns out, he was a zatarc. His attempted assassination of the President and the High Chancellor resulted in his death as he beseeched Carter to kill him with her zat to preserve his body for study. Anise assured Carter that Martouf's death would not be in vain.

The last time we heard of Anise was when the O'Neill and Teal'c took an Earth-Goa'uld hybrid glider, the X-301, for a test demonstration [Tangent]. The Goa'uld part of the glider had a built-in homing device especially designed by Apophis for any Jaffa who dared to defy him. Because Teal'c was the first to betray Apophis, he felt that he was directly responsible for losing control of the glider. As O'Neill and Teal'c went further and further into the cold of space toward Chulak, Jackson attempted contacting the SGC's allies and ended up talking with Anise who was representing the Tok'ra. We are not privy to the conversation, but Jackson indicated that he lost his temper because he felt that Anise was not showing concern or cooperation. However, beneficial information she gave him in their communication was hidden and with the help of Carter, they were able to determine the location of a Tok'ra operative who was near enough to Earth to retrieve O'Neill and Teal'c. Fortunately, this Tok'ra operative was Carter's father, Jacob/Selmak.

We never hear from or see Anise after this, so her current whereabouts are uncertain.


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