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Amy Vandenberg


Amy Vandenberg was Mitchell's high school crush. She renewed his acquaintance at their twentieth high school reunion. After a harrowing ordeal, Mitchell departed on amiable terms with her, and the possibility a romance would be kindled.

Character Biography

Amy Vandenberg was a graduate of the class of 1987 for George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas. She was the subject of Cameron Mitchell's biggest crush in high school (9.13 "Ripple Effect", 10.15 "Bounty"). He would always stumble or get tongue tied around her. Unbeknownst to him, she felt the same way, and watched all of his football games. She even broke up with Bobby Haversham senior year in the hopes Cameron would ask her to the senior prom.

Amy eventually married and moved to Texas, but her husband cheated on her, and she moved back to Topeka, Kansas about a year and a half before she reunited with Cameron at their twentieth high school reunion in Auburn, Kansas. There she appeared interested in Cam, but Vala Mal Doran's presence as his "date" steered her away. At the reunion dance itself, she and Cameron started to reconnect and revealed their old mutual crushes, but further developments were forestalled: first by Landry trying to reach Lt. Col. Mitchell by cell phone, and then by the presence of Odai Ventrell, a bounty hunter who had gotten the drop on Mitchell.

Amy, along with all of the other attendees of the reunion dance, witnessed a lot of strange sights they could not comprehend, including holograms, ring technology, and alien weaponry. They were all forced to sign non-disclosure agreements without even knowing what they really saw. Despite the traumatic experience and first-hand knowledge Mitchell was involved in something dangerous and classified, Amy remained interested in Cameron, and seemed amenable to his suggestion that she visit Colorado Springs sometime.


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