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Kasuf of Abydos
The Abydonians are descendants of those taken by the Goa'uld Ra from Ancient Egypt of Earth 10,000 years ago. They speak an ancient form of Egyptian called Abydonian. We meet the Abydonians in the movie Stargate and they became our first allies in the war against the Goa'uld.


Ayiana of the Ancients
The Ancients are the builders of the Stargate. They were a race of humans who lived millenia before those on Earth. The group known as The Others are the Ascended Beings of the Ancients. Those Ancients who did not ascend with The Others died of a plague that swept their galaxy a very long time ago. The Ancients are the ancient ones whose language evolved into Latin and Dr. Daniel Jackson identified them as those who were the builders of the roads spoken of in ancient Earth writings.


Alekos of Argos
The Argosians were originally placed on their planet Argos as a genetic experiment by the Goa'uld Pelops. Pelops used nanotechnology to accelerate their growth and limit their lives to a mere one hundred days. The SGC destroyed the technology and the Argosians were given the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, living years instead of days. We meet the Argosians in the Season One episode Brief Candle.

Ascended Beings

Daniel Jackson as an Ascended Being
The Ascended Beings exist as a form of energy on a higher plane. They can shape themselves into a form familiar with those with whom they interact, much like Daniel Jackson did for his friend Jack O'Neill in the Season Six episode Abyss. Ascended Beings are introduced in the Season Three episode Maternal Instinct.


Molum of the Aschen
The Aschen were first introduced in the future Season Four episode 2010. They are a highly developed people and considered very patient, but under their calm exterior lies the mind of those who would slowly and methodically kill an entire world's population in order to conquer it.


Thor of the Asgard
The Asgard were first met by Dr. Daniel Jackson and Captain Samantha Carter on the planet Cimmeria in the Season One episode Thor's Hammer. They are called the Roswell greys by Carter. The Asgard aligned themselves into a group of four races to share knowledge and protection. The other three races were the Ancients, the Nox, and the Furling.

Beings of Oannes

Nem of Oannes
The Beings of Oannes are humanoid-fish beings who can breathe comfortably in either water or on land. Their species visited Earth during the time of the Babylonian empire in an attempt to overthrow a Goa'uld named Belus. The Beings of Oannes are introduced in the Season One episode Fire And Water.

Crystaline Entities

Crystaline Entities of P3X-562
Crystaline Entities are energy beings which store themselves in blue crystaline structures and are able to mimic any shape, including that of a human being. They have the ability to read thoughts. The Goa'uld nearly completely wiped them out when one of them attempted to protect itself with electricity, killing the Jaffa who approached it. The Jaffa gathered them together and fired upon them with their staff weapons, leaving them for dead. We first meet the Crystaline Entities in the episode Cold Lazarus.


Eliam of the Enkarans
The Enkarans are humans who have adapted to a rare planetary condition hard to match. They are extremely sensitive the Earth's level of UV radiation and this sensitivity causes them to first go blind and then to die. Their oddly colored eyes give the Enkarans their distinctive difference in appearance from humans of Earth. We first hear of the Enkarans in the Season Four episode Watergate and meet them in the Season Four episode Scorched Earth.


Alar of the Eurondans
The Eurondans are humans who divided their world Euronda into two groups: those who followed racial purity and those who did not. The SGC was contacted by Alar, the leader of the side which wished to totally wipe out the Breeders. SG-1 did not discover this aspect of their relationship early on and as a consequence allied with those who would destroy those who were "not like us". We meet Alar and his genocidal faction in the Season Four episode The Other Side.


We have never met the Furling
The Furling have been mentioned as being a fourth race in an alliance with the Ancients, the Asgard, and the Nox. We have never met the Furling and don't know what they look like or even if they still exist. We first hear of the Furling in the Season Two episode The Fifth Race.


Goa'uld Hathor holding a Goa'uld symbiote
The Goa'uld are parasitic creatures who have evolved into highly intelligent beings. They require a host, such as a human being, to fully use their intelligence. Their first hosts were of the Unas species, but eventually the Goa'uld found that human beings were preferable. Through the stargate network, the Goa'uld spread across galaxies and transplated humans from Earth to various planets suitable for humans to thrive. Humans were "harvested" to further the Goa'uld's race. Many of the Goa'uld who established themselves on Earth 10,000 years ago took on the persona of the mythological gods and goddesses. The name Goa'uld was first used in the series pilot, Children of the Gods, but the parasitic nature of the species was introduced in the original film through the person of Ra.


Jaffa with his pouch exposed
The Jaffa are genetically altered humans of Earth, designed to carry a Goa'uld symbiote in an abdominal pouch. By incubating the larval Goa'uld, Jaffa are given extended lives (some beyond 135 years), formidable strength, and an inhanced immune system with shortened healing periods. Because of these benefits, some Jaffa become warriors in service to a Goa'uld System Lord. Other Jaffa service the Goa'uld in their temples. The Jaffa were introduced in the series pilot, Children of the Gods.


Lya of the Nox
The Nox were introduced in the Season One episode The Nox. They are an advanced race who are pacifists. They possess great mental powers, including the ability to transport themselves, cloak themselves and others, and activate the stargate without the use of a DHD.

People of the Land of Light

Tuplo of the Land of Light
The People of the Land of Light are humans from Earth's Minoan civilization. They are a gentle people who live in a land of plenty. We first meet them in the Season One episode The Broca Divide when we helped them overcome a medical condition which caused many of their people to mutate into primitives. Grateful for our help in curing The Touched, they formed an alliance with Earth and have offered their world as sanctuary for any displaced peoples we might encounter in our travels.


First Generation Replicators
The Replicators are artificial life forms which are built on nanotechnology. At first, they were created by an android named Reese as toys, but soon they became independent with the highest priority being survival through replication, hence their name. An attempt by the Asgard to stop their devouring of technologically advanced civilizations (they used the technology to create more of themselves) unintentionally led the Replicators to evolve from bug-like to humanoid. The Advanced Replicators hold the intelligence capability of their creator, Reese. The Replicators were introduced in the Season Three episode Nemesis and the Advanced Replicators, the Season Six episode Unnatural Selection.


Warrick of the Serrakin
The Serrakin are a technologically advanced race of humanoids. They are genetically compatible with humans and many of their race have intermarried with the humans of Hebridan (Hebridians whose ancestors they freed from Goa'uld enslavement). The Serrakin were introduced in the Season Six episode Forsaken.


Chaka of the Unas
According to a theory developed by Drs. Daniel Jackson and Robert Rothman, the Unas evolved on the same planet as the Goa'uld and were, therefore, the first hosts to the symbiotes. Eventually, however, the Goa'uld preferred to take human beings as hosts because their bodies were more easily maintained. Because of their physical strength, however, the Unas became slaves of the Goa'uld, primarily used to mine the precious mineral naquadah upon which the Goa'uld's technology depends. The Unas were introduced in the Season One episode Thor's Hammer.