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Asgard Aegir, commander of the Valhalla

Earth Culture of Origin


Presides Over

God of the sea, seashore, and ocean

Earth Mythological References

The son of Mistarblindi, Aegir was both worshipped and feared by sailors, for in his personification as god of the sea, he could be benevolent and rageful. It was believed that when angered, Aegir would appear on the surface in the form of storms to wreck ships. Wrecked ships were said to have gone into 'Aegir's wide jaws' and the ships' men and cargos taken by Aegir to his hall at the bottom of the ocean. To appease the god, sacrifices were made (usually prisoners) before setting sail.

Aegir was crowned with seaweed and was surrounded by nixies and mermaids in his hall under the sea by the island of Hlesey (or Hler). His wife is the sea goddess Ran, and together they had nine daughters (the billow maidens), who wore white robes and veils. By some accounts, the daughters were the waves.

Aegir had two faithful servants are Eldir and Fimafeng. Fimafeng was killed by god Loki (the trickster god) during a banquet the gods held at Aegir's undersea hall.

Aegir was known for his hospitality and lavish entertainment of the other gods, brewing ale for them after Thor brought him a big enough kettle. The cups in Aegir's hall were always full, magically refilling themselves. Instead of fire, gold was put onto the floor of the hall to provide light.

Stargate References

Aegir was the commander of the Asgard vessel Valhalla.


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