Abydonian Elder

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Abydonian Elder


She was one of the elders of Abydos when Anubis attacked the planet in search of the Eye of Ra.

Character Biography

While Kasuf gathered the remaining women and children of the planet Abydos to safety in the caves of Kalima, this Abydonian Elder conferred with the ascended Daniel Jackson in warning Skaara about Anubis' approaching attack in his search for the Eye of Ra. Skaara was the leader of the young men who guarded the stargate, specially trained by Daniel when he lived with the Abydonians for a year after his first mission there. This Abydonian Elder showed great leadership qualities, speaking with calm and authority. When Anubis destroyed Abydos with the enhanced weapon made possible by the obtaining of the Eye of Ra, Oma Desala saved all of the people of Abydos by helping them to ascend. It is believed then, that this Abydonian Elder has become an Ascended Being along with all others of Abydos.


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