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=== Keywords ===
=== Keywords ===

* [[Tollana]]
* [[Tollans]]
* [[Tollans]]
* [[Trinium]]
* [[Trinium]]

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5.09 "Between Two Fires"


The SG-1 team is surprised to discover that the advanced Tollans have reversed their policy on sharing technology and are now willing to trade advanced weaponry with Earth. But the deal seems too good to be true when SG-1 learns of the Goa'uld's involvement.

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MGM Official Summary

SG-1 return to Tollana to discover the Tollans have reversed their policy on technology sharing and are now willing to trade advanced weaponry with Earth. But Carter's friend Narmin warns that this spells great danger for Earth and the team must return to uncover the real agenda behind the deal…

SciFi.com Official Summary

The Tollans offer Earth a trade—ion cannons for a mineral called trinium. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson are sent to negotiate. O'Neill doesn't trust the deal—the Tollans are being too accomodating, and they are deliberately vague about their need for trinium. According to Narim, the Tollan curia had been split on the notion of sharing their technology with Earth, but the recent death of Omoc shifted the balance. Narim suspects foul play, and thinks there might be a conspiracy. The deal is finally made, but SGC tags the first shipment of trinium and see what the Tollans are really using it for, and why they've suddenly become so generous with their weapons. When Tanith shows up, now working for a new master, matters take a rapid turn for the worse, and all of Earth is endangered.


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