4.10 "Beneath The Surface" Episode Guide

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With their memories erased and their identities changed, SG-1 find themselves trapped below a domed city on a planet of ice, toiling as slave laborers. Can they come to their senses and make a break for the surface, or will they remain enslaved underground for the rest of their lives?

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MGM/SciFi.com Official Summary

SG-1 awakens in a mysterious underground complex with no memory of their previous lives. In fact, they seem to possess a whole new set of memories. No longer Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c, they are Jonah, Thera, Carlin, and Tor, laborers doomed to a dreary existence, working the mines beneath an ice-covered planet. Back at the SGC, meanwhile, General Hammond is faced with the possibility that SG-1 perished on the planet's icy surface, a possibility he refuses to accept. As the General tries to unravel the team's mysterious disappearance, the members of SG-1 grasp at fleeting memories of their former lives, memories that are not just the keys to their freedom, but to their very survival.


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