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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Lexa Doig

Unlocking Lexa
Bryan Cairns, Stargate Official Magazine, Issue #07, Nov/Dec 2005
Dr. Carolyn Lam

How did you become involved with Stargate SG-1? Did your husband, Michael Shanks, go 'We have this role you'd be perfect for'?

Actually it was kind of funny. He came home one day after getting the scripts and said, "I think we are ordering a new doctor." I read the scripts, which I usually do when he brings them home, and said, "What is the deal with her and the General?" And he went, "I don't know." So I said, "Is she like his daughter or something?" Then Michael said, "I didn't get that. They had a previous relationship or know each other." 20 minutes later, my agent called me and said I had an audition tomorrow for the new doctor on Stargate SG-1. She faxed me the breakdown, which explained I was General Landry's daughter so of course I went up to Michael and put it in his face. "See! I was right!" [laughs] I went in and did the audition and was informed that they were interested in me for the part. Michael really had nothing to do with it. His reaction was walking up to Rob Cooper and going, "Are you mad? You hired my wife!"

Not much is known about your character Carolyn Lam yet so what is she doing on the Stargate SG-1 base? What makes her tick?

Carolyn is way out of her element for one thing. In some ways, she is the antithesis of Janet Fraiser [Teryl Rothery], who was this incredibly competent, caring, nurturing type figure. Carolyn is probably equally competent but doesn't believe so. She's a lot colder than Janet, which was kind of tough for me...

Is it true Carolyn is being groomed as a romantic interest for Ben Browder's Cameron Mitchell?

I don't think so. They had written we went out on a date. I think it was in Origin but it was cut because they were running over on the episodes and the mentality was, "We can revisit this or not, it doesn't do anything for the central story anyway." To be honest, it would be awkward anyway. Ben is a lovely man but he's kind of my hustand's doppelganger.

[Regarding 9.13 "Ripple Effect"] Is Carolyn heavily involved in the adventure?

I don't want to spoil anything but we've just encountered some people that look like SG-1 and my brief bit, maybe two scenes, is to verify whether they are really SG-1 or not. Carolyn is really a service character, which is great. I wanted to take the summer off anyways. I have two kids, day camps, play dates, and a husband that works 15 hour days — so somebody actually needs to be at home!

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