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Stargate SG-1 Crew Interviews: Beau Bridges

Helping Bridge the Gap
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #64, July 2005

"...I think a lot of the fun for audiences this season will be getting to know those of us who are new to the show, such as myself, Ben Browder, Lexa Doig and, of course, Lou Gossett. He plays a wonderful gentleman called Gerak, who gives us all fits here on Earth," jokes the actor. "So you have all these new folks, but also many of the familiar faces who've been here all along. Fans can watch them and see how they interact with us less-familiar faces."

"...Robert, Brad and I decided that he's a highly decorated fighter pilot who flew missions in Vietnam. While he was overseas, the general met a Vietnamese woman and they had a child. After Vietnam, Landry became involved in military intelligence, which is where he met Jack O'Neill. This new job took him away from home quite a bit, and because the work was high-security he wasn't able to communicate with his family. That's when things began to crumble.

"Landry's daughter grew up to become a doctor, Carolyn Lam [Lexa Doig], who O'Neill has assigned to the SGC. When he did so, he knew that Carolyn and the general were estranged because he'd left his wife, her mom, so there's some conflict between them. Landry truly loves his work; it's his life.

"At the same time, he respects and appreciates his daughter. He wants a real relationship with her and hopes that will happen some day. At the start of the season you're not quite sure what their relationship is. Something obviously isn't right, though, and as the episodes go on we find out what that is."

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